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Remote Hosting Option

Remotely housing, administering, and managing the Oracle Cerner suite for electronic health record (EHR) solutions

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The challenge

For most medical institutions today, hosted or cloud solutions are crucial to delivering cost-effective and timely care to the populations they serve. In healthcare, the use of on-premises systems is becoming increasingly rare due to the cost and complexity of maintaining these systems.

Not only do on-premises systems require significant upfront capital cost, but with continuous advancement of systems, technology, security, compliance, business growth, and expansion, there's need for year-over-year investments. The procurement and approval process at most medical institutions also elongates timelines and adds complexities.

Monitoring, managing, and maintaining these complex systems requires specialized knowledge and dedicated staff. The nature of healthcare is a 24x7x365 operation, typically requiring three or more "sets" of staff to cover service needs and expectations.

Space is also at a premium, no longer needing the dedicated space, power, and cooling-allowing instead for these areas to be used to provide patient care.

The solution

With the OCI-RHO managed service offering model, Oracle Cerner remotely houses, administers, and manages the Oracle Cerner suite for EHR solutions. OCI-RHO provides the technology infrastructure, operating system (OS) and required layered software (OS, database, Citrix, etc.), software installation, and resources to support remotely hosted solutions.

Clients access solutions and data by communicating with the hosting facility via a secure, highly available wide-area network using dedicated telecommunication circuits or a secured virtual private network (VPN) leveraging the internet. Oracle Cerner assumes responsibility for system performance and security, all backed by service-level guarantees for system availability.

OCI-RHO provides superior performance, security, reliability, and scalability with a reduced upfront financial commitment from the client by combining hardware, networking technologies, and technical expertise. It allows healthcare organizations to leverage the most sophisticated and powerful IT solutions available today while also providing significant cost-savings and competitive advantages. OCI-RHO helps avoid hardware depreciation and obsolescence and frees the client's IT department to focus on their core business: providing quality healthcare.

Remote Hosting Option Environment

Some key advantages of hosted and cloud solutions include:

  • Accessibility and connectivity: serves local, hybrid, and globally diverse workforces
  • Monitoring and management: because Oracle Cerner hosts many client systems, several tools are purchased and used that would be cost prohibitive for a single institution to purchase and deploy
  • Scalability: growth and expansion are more easily attained as part of the service
  • System and data protection: high availability and redundancy are built in, along with robust backup and recovery protection provisions for the service over the term
  • Security: Oracle Cerner manages and houses sensitive data, and therefore conforms to most of the highest levels of compliance


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