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Other services and technology

Ensuring end user access, supporting clinical workflows

Healthcare informatics solutions

The digital maturity level of healthcare organizations has significantly increased over the last 10 years. Clinical practice across venues of care is increasingly reliant on enabling IT solutions and applications. As a result, clinical workflows have evolved and introduced new IT challenges for healthcare organizations to address. Today’s heterogeneous or best-of-breed environments within healthcare IT mean it’s often difficult for organizations to ensure standardization of end users’ methods of accessing various software platforms. Our decades of experience recommend a three-stage approach: discovery, transformation, and adoption.

Achieve your EHR goals by solving one problem at a time and at pace.

Our data-driven optimization approach helps identify opportunities to advance, enact change, and measure the progress you're making toward your targets. Focusing on technology and behavior changes help produce the most efficient, effective, and satisfied users.

View our services and offerings below:

Managed Technology Option (MTO)

The MTO service is a managed service offering available in some global markets to provide an increased level of technology service where Oracle Cerner doesn't offer full hosting services. The MTO offering includes many advantages that Oracle Cerner's OCI-RHO service provides, leveraging the same OCI-RHO system management, monitoring toolset, and technology resources. With the MTO offering, clients provide and control the necessary data center facility and onsite resources needed for physical system installation and ongoing hands-on server management. We provide and own the Cerner Millennium system hardware and are responsible for the infrastructure level management (services delivered remotely). Clients are responsible for providing end user devices needed to support Cerner Millennium solutions.

Oracle Cerner's OMS offering provides remote system management and monitoring for client-hosted Cerner Millennium and other ancillary solution systems. The service emphasizes proactive systems monitoring and management, resulting in improved reliability and availability for Oracle Cerner applications. 24x7 monitoring via Olympus, BMC Patrol (third-party tool), and other industry standard tools are offered. This service leverages the same system management and monitoring toolset and skilled technical resources as utilized by Oracle Cerner's OCI-RHO service. The OMS service is often a first step clients take to experience the benefits of Oracle Cerner's managed services. Many OMS service clients continue their relationship by extending the alignment to full OCI-RHO services.

Oracle Cerner's IMS offering provides remote system management and monitoring for underlying IT infrastructure for client-hosted Cerner Millennium and other ancillary solution systems. The infrastructure monitoring and management services are offered for compute, storage, and backup technologies. The service emphasizes proactive infrastructure monitoring and management for reliable and optimized Cerner Millennium performance and stability and utilizes Oracle Cerner's worldwide experience and skill set for data center operations and management. IMS leverages the same system management and monitoring toolset and skilled technical resources as Oracle Cerner's OCI-RHO service, and complements OMS and maximizes the benefits of Oracle Cerner managed service offerings for client-hosted systems.

Oracle Cerner offers a total package of award-winning remote hosting services tailored to the healthcare organization demands. In addition to hosting Oracle Cerner solutions, we host more than 100 business solutions in our world-class technology centers. We also manage more than 35 solutions at client sites.

Oracle Cerner's eHosting provides secure hosting management services, hardware, connectivity, and expertise to help you achieve superior performance, increased security, reliability, and scalability for your healthcare organization. Many clients have already extended their hosting engagement beyond the Cerner Millennium EHR suite of solutions and have realized the benefit of eHosting services. Using Oracle Cerner eHosting services, clients' onsite technical resources can be leveraged to focus on core business initiatives related to providing high-quality healthcare services and supporting end users.

Oracle Cerner's standalone or combined services work to deliver world-class support, ensuring your workflows are efficient and your system's code is kept up to date. We give you a proactive and personalized support experience to help achieve your goals through continuous advancement across the care continuum. Our scale and experience provide a unique advantage by allowing you to better leverage your IT investment.

Learn more about our AMS offering

For hosting services outside the United States, Oracle Cerner has partnered with technology centers throughout the world to serve clients while ensuring compliance with local privacy laws. Oracle Cerner owns and manages hardware and networking services in the following locations: Isle D'Abeau, France, in partnership with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise; Paris, France, partnering with Equinix; Brisbane, Australia, partnering with iseek; Slough, London, UK with Equinix; Ontario, Canada with Q9 data centers; and Stockholm, Sweden with Equinix.


Application managed services

Our application managed services teams work with your staff to deliver world-class support, focus on improving end user workflows, and handle configurations and upgrades.

Consulting services

Deliver value through a model experience where our clients learn from each other, clinicians are given more time to provide care, financial friction is reduced, the patient is at the center, and together, we’re focused on making communities healthier.

IT management and alignment

Cerner ITWorks is what we call our closest, most highly aligned client business relationships. Through these alignments, we bring to bear Oracle Cerner’s best solutions, services, and people, and we organize them around your needs, your goals, and your future. With these elements working together in concert, we can solve your toughest challenges and put your organization on an accelerated path to transformation.

Lights On Network

Lights On Network provides enterprise-level data analytics to maximize the value of your EHR across your entire organization. This means a better experience for your providers, better results for your organization, and the most efficient system to support it all.

Network and security

Meet the expectations of your clinicians and patients today and in the future. Be more efficient, more effective, and deliver a safer environment for your patients with a healthy network and a strong security posture.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Remote Hosting Option (OCI-RHO)

Remotely houses, administers, and manages the Oracle Cerner suite for EHR solutions. With more than 40 years of experience in healthcare and more than two decades offering remote hosting, over 90% of our new clients select the OCI-RHO approach for their EHR.