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Clinical staff

Clinical staff are making life-changing decisions day in, day out, so the more support that’s available, the better. Cerner’s clinical solutions aim to provide this help in ways that make real differences – saving time, reducing error, providing insight, and more – all with the intention of improving both patient outcomes and the clinician experience, as well as reducing costs.

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Allied health professionals

Whether you’re working in a clinical or outpatient environment, Cerner’s electronic health record (EHR) is the single source of truth you need to check on the status of your patients. All the information you need is available through a connected device, meaning you can plan your time much more effectively and provide a better patient experience.


Having all the accurate information in a connected system allows the EHR to consider individual scores within a wider context and trigger automatic alerts to an outreach team if something doesn’t add up. The Cerner EHR helps make soft information easier to find too – the personal things like understanding communication patterns that are the hallmark of the caring profession. Healthcare IT from Cerner can truly make the difference to your role as a nurse – it can reduce repetition, cut opportunities for human error, offer more time at the bedside and provide a better experience for you and your patients.


These days, in a society where more people are living with multiple long-term conditions that are being managed in different care venues by many different clinicians with a multitude medicines, it can be tricky to keep track of who is taking what, when and why. The challenge of medicine optimisation is greater than it’s ever been. That’s where an electronic health record (EHR) comes in – creating a single location for the pertinent information needed for you to do your job effectively. We understand the importance of giving you the tools you require to make the most of your skills. User friendly, real-time dashboards aim to maintain the highest levels of patient safety and provide the insights you need to prioritise and plan your duties before you’ve even set foot on the ward, so that you can offer a better, safer patient experience.


With Cerner’s electronic health record (EHR) as a single source of truth for all patient information, you can quickly identify what previous treatments a person has had without sifting through reams of paper, meaning you can offer the best and most appropriate care. Your own clinical experience can be leveraged by built-in decision support, allowing you to identify patient deterioration earlier and propose lifestyle changes that can focus on proactive health management. At Cerner, we understand the importance of powerful, accurate and integrated solutions that work in real time. We understand how they help you to do your job even better and we understand how they can reassure patients and help them feel like participants in their own care.