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Core clinical solutions

Our clinical solutions are at the heart of what we do and are core to our mission to achieve a world without medical error. Developed with NHS Trusts over three decades and sharing a single design to ease the flow of information across care teams and venues, our solutions will help you to document and access critical patient data, streamline workflows, and help to improve both patient safety and the overall patient experience.

Whether you refer to it as an electronic health record (EHR), electronic patient record (EPR) or electronic medical record (EMR), it all boils down to one thing – having a single source of truth for your patients’ information.

Our EHR is Cerner Millennium® and it is the basis for all our core clinical solutions. As well as keeping patient information updated in real-time, it provides you with secure access wherever and whenever you need it, putting an end to siloed data stored on paper or standalone computer systems.

Supporting your own clinical skills, you can utilise our solutions to help improve patient care. By offering speedier, safer and more efficient care, your organisation will benefit, your job will become easier, and patients will experience better health outcomes.


How can you improve the patient experience?

The Patient Portal empowers individuals to be proactive in their health and care management with a solution that integrates with the EHR and their longitudinal record. Our Patient Portal allows people to communicate with their care team through secure messaging to book or change appointments, view clinical information, request refills, update information and send files.

Dynamic documentation

Document as a by-product of care and follow the physician’s cognitive process through the use of: free text, voice recognition, code words and structured documentation – without having to leave the patient’s chart.

Dynamic worklist/registry worklist

Identify subsets of patients to gather relevant information and take action on those findings.

Dragon voice recognition

Easily integrate Dragon voice recognition into our EHR and enable real-time physician documentation using speech recognition that makes note capture three times faster than typing.

To ensure success in today’s healthcare environment, your solutions must tightly integrate into the clinical process. When clinical and operational data all work together, costs are minimised, quality outcomes are maximised, and organisations can ultimately better manage the health and care of their populations.

Offerings you may be interested in

Clinical decision support

Our clinical decision support solutions let you help your patients faster and more efficiently. Time is always a factor in the acute setting, so tools that can provide you with extra minutes or hours are crucial. Combined with your clinical skills, our clinical decision support solutions can make the difference and help to secure better patient outcomes.

Clinical decision support

Collaboration is essential in critical care. The volume of information can be staggering in this setting, and its value can only be realised when trusted systems bring data together to inform timely care across the complex setting. Our solutions unify this data from admission to discharge, ensuring the seamless orchestration that critical care demands in order to achieve optimal outcomes for the sickest patients.

Doctor documentation

Cerner’s physician solutions include more than 40 specialties – created by doctors for doctors – to improve the patient experience, allowing you to make the best clinical decisions at the right time. We know that not every doctor works the same way, which is why Cerner solutions let you customise screen layouts, patient lists, favourites and much more, allowing you to provide the best care with the fewest distractions.

Emergency medicine

You work in a fast-paced environment and need to be well organised with well-informed teams that can make the best decisions in seconds, without a time-consuming and potentially life-threatening information chase. That’s why Cerner’s emergency medicine solutions have been designed by ED clinicians for ED clinicians to help patients when they need it most.

Hospital operations

Effective resource management is essential to achieving the right staffing mix and effectively managing patient flow. Cerner specialises in providing complete and timely information about what’s happening in your wards and across your healthcare organisation to add real-time data to your decision-making processes.


When problems, diagnoses, results, images and content are available to the care team within the EHR, better care decisions can be made, providing for a better patient experience. Cerner imaging solutions, for cardiovascular, clinical and radiology, are embedded within the EHR, delivering a holistic patient view for the relevant caregivers.


Up to 80 percent of all diagnostic decisions are informed by lab test results and automating the laboratory setting is where it all began for Cerner; it’s in our DNA. Built on robust scalable technology, our laboratory solutions are used worldwide in all conceivable configurations from single site limited disciplines to multi-site full service labs. They are designed to reduce manual steps in the lab workflow, making information easier to share with your colleagues. We continuously broaden functionality and usability within the laboratory through regular software releases and ongoing strategic partnership development.

Medical device integration

We enable interoperability between medical devices, healthcare applications and the EHR, regardless of their provider. The CareAware® workflow-driven architecture integrates devices to provide an electronic flow of patient and clinical information for healthcare professionals as the single source of truth. This ensures the right data is presented in the right format in real-time to improve health outcomes.

Medication management

Our approach to medication management is focused on improving patients’ safety, while also saving time for clinicians and pharmacists. By removing repetitive tasks and the potential for error, fewer patients will experience adverse drug events, potentially saving lives and cutting the time they need to spend in an acute facility. Outpatients too can be confident that their prescriptions are being managed effectively.

Nursing documentation

We work tirelessly with nurses at all levels across the NHS and around the world to ensure that they can deliver the care, compassion, courage, communication, commitment and competence in their jobs. Worldwide, over 900 of our associates have nursing backgrounds, so you can be sure that our solutions are designed to enable nurses to deliver world class care to the right people at the right times.

Order management

Our order communication system (OCS) solution reduces costs and improves patient care through standardised and semi-automated workflows. By allowing clinicians to communicate more effectively, get reports when they need them and continually evaluate the status of their patients, the people under their care will have a much better overall experience.

Performance Improvement

Our performance improvement consultants have the skills and expertise to help you achieve your clinical and operational goals. The team are trained in Lean and to Six Sigma Black Belt level, and will use data, workflow observations and carefully planned measurements to find a baseline upon which we can demonstrate your opportunities for improvement. Working with you to put these into practice, we focus on the four key enablers: people, process, technology and environment to deliver results.

Theatres and anaesthesia

Successfully running the operating theatre is no easy task. From care quality and patient safety, to scheduling and effective resource utilisation, it’s a multi-faceted challenge. That’s why Cerner has developed real-time perioperative solutions to significantly reduce risk and inefficiencies to optimise both clinical and operational success.