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Everyone will be a patient at some stage in their life, so it’s in all our interests to focus on creating the best possible patient experience. Whether it’s helping you feel more engaged and empowered by giving you quick and appropriate access to your health record, or even preventing you from becoming ill in the first place, Cerner is dedicated to improving the outcomes for all individuals by creating the best possible solutions.

Securely centring patient data around the individual rather than the care venue or clinician is at the heart of what we do, ensuring that the information is available to the right people at the right time. As well as providing doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical personnel with your data, it’s also available to the most important person in the equation – you. Through our Patient Portal, you can check the information you need so you can take a proactive part in looking after your health.


Don’t all healthcare providers have my data on computers already?

Yes and no. While organisations will store information on their computers, that’s just for their reference – if another organisation needs to see your records, they need to ask for the data to be sent over, which takes time. An EHR differs by having greater connectivity, meaning that other health providers with the proper permissions can access it, rather than just the ones where you received treatment.

It’s very safe, both physically and electronically. You can read more about how seriously we take data security in our dedicated section, Your information security.

It replaces a lot of the admin tasks that take time when you visit or call a healthcare facility. Via the Portal, you can fill in registration forms, view and download parts of your health record, and communicate with your healthcare provider about appointments, prescriptions and more.

We know how much people like to keep track of their fitness, so we work with providers of wearable tech to make sure their hardware works with our solutions.

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Patient Portal

We’re all patients at some point, and as we work towards a health and care model that’s focused on keeping us well and out of hospital, we need to turn our attention to engaging everyone to take an active role in improving and maintaining health and wellness. The explosion of self-management apps and personal monitoring devices can help us to create a single source of truth as we look to move from reactive care to proactive, coordinated health.

Your information security

Our personal health record is one of the most valuable pieces of information we have – and Cerner is absolutely committed to ensuring it stays safe. While we believe in a world of interoperability, where clinicians have quick and intuitive access to this data when necessary, our first priority remains keeping it safe from everybody else.