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Speciality treatments are a crucial part of the continuum of care and can prevent some of the potentially most dangerous conditions becoming fatal. Saving lives needs specialist tools, which is why Cerner provides dedicated suites of solutions to complement your expertise and improve the outcomes of some of the most vulnerable patients.

Cerner’s speciality solutions are there for you to support patients throughout some of the most important phases of their lives. From pregnancy to birth and childhood, our integrated solutions let you track individuals and their specific needs to offer them joined-up care during periods that everyone goes through. Our solutions also help you treat conditions from an ear infection to a cardiac event or cancer, allowing you to aid people who go through periods that nobody ever chooses to experience.

With all our solutions integrating with Cerner Millennium® – a platform that you already use day-in, day-out – you won’t need to learn complex new systems to help people when they need it most, allowing you to focus your skills and care on providing them with the best possible patient experience.

Offerings you may be interested in

Critical care

The Capacity Management Suite of solutions is designed to help improve patient throughput and quality of care by managing patient capacity, flow, and diversion rates. Finding a balance between capacity and demand is challenging in any health care environment. Cerner’s Capacity Management solutions provide transparency and alignment of assets (staff, patients and equipment) at the right time and right place to improve patient throughput, efficiency, productivity, and outcomes.

Critical care

Cerner cardiovascular solutions are embedded within the EHR, allowing for a holistic patient record that includes: diagnostic activities, therapeutic interventions and follow-up regimens. Electrocardiogram (ECG) objects are digitized and accessed within the EHR providing physicians in your cardiology department the ability to receive and present ECG data in mere seconds after it is acquired. This eliminates the necessity for a separate ECG information system.


When problems, diagnoses, results, images and content are available to the care team within the EHR, better care decisions can be made, providing for a better patient experience. Cerner imaging solutions, for cardiovascular, clinical and radiology, are embedded within the EHR, delivering a holistic patient view for the relevant caregivers.

Mental Health

Life brings breaks and breakthroughs that can affect the mind, body and spirit. Because behavioral and physical health are connected, the data and care that support it should be, too. That’s why we believe in an integrated health system that meets the patients where they are, regardless of their condition or needs. With our Mental Health solutions, health care providers can help patients live a more stable life by providing holistic, data-driven, preventative and supportive care plans and services unique to each person.


Cerner puts the patient at the centre of the cancer care process. That’s why we’ve created solutions that mean they don’t have to be responsible for sharing information about their own treatment. You will be able to access a single, consolidated health record to allow you and other caregivers – no matter the clinical setting – to make timely decisions, and be part of a process that’s safer, clearer and more efficient.


Every child deserves a healthy future, so every child deserves safe and high quality care as they grow. Working collaboratively with paediatric healthcare staff, we continue to accelerate the opportunities to support research for children with life-limiting and acute illnesses, by harvesting the richness of the data from our integrated electronic health record (EHR).


Clinical care quality is certainly of paramount importance to any healthcare organisation, and it all starts with the Patient Administrative System (PAS). It’s the beginning and end of the patient’s journey and allows you to ensure they are in the right place at the right time, with the right clinician in the right venue of care. Our PAS ensures continuity between clinical and administrative workflows, ensuring efficient management of the patient journey in your organisation.

Women's health

Our women’s health solutions collect pertinent information directly into the Cerner Millennium® EHR. With one consistent record, it allows the care team and providers to focus on what matters most – their patients.