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White paper | Driving the possibilities of digital in healthcare
Cerner | 8 February 2022
The Clinical Engagement and Digital Health Thought Leadership Series was a collaboration and partnership event series between the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) and Cerner. It brought together leaders of clinical practice, hospital administrators, researchers, health administrators, primary care system leaders, technologists and other senior stakeholders from around Australia to facilitate critical discussions around the possibilities of digital in healthcare.
Cerner Appoints New Asia Pacific Managing Director
Cerner | 14 July 2021
Cerner has announced the appointment of Julie Hoare as vice president and managing director for Asia Pacific, effective immediately. Her primary role will be to build on existing trusted client and strategic partnerships to further strengthen Cerner’s position and growth across the region. In addition, she will lead and develop the 200+ strong local associate workforce.
Empowering Australian citizens with Alfred Health’s Patient Portal
Cerner | 5 July 2021
Consumer-driven healthcare demands robust patient engagement tools to enable organisations to better engage and intervene with their patients at the right time and place. Co-designed by active consumer voices, Alfred Health’s Patient Portal enables swift and easy access for patients seeking information about their care to view results, and engage directly with their care teams.
A conversation: with Naomi Dobroff
Cerner | 29 June 2021
Adjunct Associate Professor Naomi Dobroff, chief nursing and midwifery information officer (CNMIO) at Monash Health sat down with our very own Michael Draheim to share some insights around her experiences as a CNMIO and her passion for the profession.
More time to care: The benefits of the Essential Clinical Dataset
Jordanna Davis | 24 June 2021
In the transition from paper-based to digitally enabled healthcare across the region, many health information systems have been designed to directly reflect pre-existing paper-based workflows in a digital format. The inclusion of redundant datasets can create noise in the digital workflow and result in extended task lists and less time spent at the bedside.
Cerner welcomes Melbourne GP as senior physician executive for Asia Pacific
Cerner | 15 March 2021
Melbourne general practitioner, Dr Kyal Agraval, has joined Cerner as senior physician executive for the Asia Pacific region. Dr Agraval will bring her extensive clinical experience and broad skillset to the role within both Cerner’s population health practice and the company’s knowledgeable clinical team.
Cerner Asia Pacific Expands Executive Leadership
Cerner | 9 October 2018
Cerner Asia Pacific has recently expanded its executive leadership team with the appointment of Dr Monica Trujillo as Chief Medical Officer and Chief Clinical Information Officer and Michael Draheim as the Senior Director and General Manager for Victoria and South Australia.