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Understanding the Past, Present and Future of Pharmacoeconomics

by Dr. Jigar Patel | Dr. Deborah Freund
June 4, 2018
Dr. Deborah Freund, professor at Claremont Graduate University, joins Cerner's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jigar Patel to discuss the past, present and future of pharmaceconomics.

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How Physicians Can Combat the Opioid Epidemic

by Dr. Jigar Patel | Dr. Patrice Harris
January 24, 2018
In November, Dr. Jigar Patel hosted the Cerner Physician Community (CPC) Webcast as part of the ongoing CPC Webcast Series.

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Putting Physicians at the Center of Technology

by Dr. Jigar Patel | Dr. Paul Fu
April 19, 2017
On this blog, we shed some light on how physician-centered initiatives can positively impact patient outcomes.

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