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by Cerner Corporation | Jennifer Covich Bordenick
Published on March 2, 2017

The health care industry is keeping a close eye on the new administration and how it'll have an impact on health care immediately and the years to come.

Jennifer Bordenick, CEO for eHealth Initiative, joined The Cerner Podcast to answer five questions. eHealth Initiative is an independent, nonprofit organization that engages doctors and patients in order to standardize and reform the use of HIT to improve patient care in the U.S. Jennifer has focused on quality and technology solutions for health care for more than 20 years.

In this episode, Jennifer answers these five questions:

  • A lot of changes have happened in the government over the last few months. Where are we at today, in terms of what we know about the Trump current administration and how it interacts with Congress?
  • What role do you see health IT playing in the new government's health care plan and what are eHealth Initiative priorities?
  • eHealth Initiative has a 2020 roadmap for interoperability. How does this effort relate to the federal government's interoperability roadmap?
  • According to a recent AmericanWell study, consumers want access to telehealth and one out of five patients would switch providers to have the convenience of video visits. However, there are concerns that telehealth could erode the patient-doctor relationship or worse yet, threaten patient privacy. What does the industry need to do to ensure the technology is effective?
  • As wearables offer more functionality to consumers, more patients will use them. How do you see wearables impacting health care in the next 5-10 years?

Listen to Jennifer's full episode below, or click here to view all episodes of The Cerner Podcast!

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