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How can technology help achieve the Quintuple Aim?
Healthcare in Canada is facing significant challenges. As we look to health improvement strategies, we need to consider leveraging technology to create efficiencies that serve as a tool to better inform and measure health outcomes.
Nova Scotia and Oracle Cerner Begin a New Era in Healthcare
The province of Nova Scotia, in collaboration with Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) and IWK Health (IWK), announced today a new 10-year agreement has been signed with Oracle Cerner to implement an integrated electronic care record across the province for the more than one million Nova Scotians. This technology can help improve the way health professionals use and share patient information.
Niagara Health selects Oracle Cerner to build modern hospital information system and enhance care for patients in the Niagara region
Niagara Health has signed a 10-year agreement with Oracle Cerner to build a modern hospital information system that will serve all five Niagara Health sites and Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre.
Organizations are breaking down the silos, linking acute, primary and community care
2022-09-16 | Authored by Dianne Daniel
In her version of an ideal world, Niagara Health System (NHS) CIO and vice-president, Diagnostics, Sonali Kohli would like patient data to be seamless between acute care and community care settings across Ontario’s Niagara region, allowing family physicians, community agencies, hospital clinicians, specialists and social workers to base their care decisions on a single, fully integrated picture of a patient’s health journey.
COVID, growing costs, and clinician burnout require the improved use of data
2022-09-05 | Authored by Sonia Pagliaroli
Over the last decade, the need for a clinical voice at the heart of digital health has become increasingly recognized. This is a marked shift; whereas previously, using technology was viewed as the goal, the reality is that technology and data are enablers to achieving the goal. Digital health solutions deliver process transformation, service integration, and the implementation of evidence-based care pathways.
Healthcare Worker Burnout - Strategies to Save Clinicians
2022-07-20 | Authored by Sergio Carmona
Burnout has been defined as emotional exhaustion, great detachment, and a reduced sense of personal achievement. If we add to the already heavy workload clinicians have, the extensive amount of documentation they have to consume and create for each patient or shift, it’s understandable the load will not decrease but increase and worsen the sense of burnout for the users. This is the case unless we have efficient and integrated health information systems in place.
Island Health wins Patient Experience Award
2022-04-20 | Published by:
The Canadian College of Health Leaders is proud to announce that Island Health’s Hospital at Home program was named recipient of the 2022 Excellence in Patient Experience Award. Island Health’s Hospital at Home (HaH) is an innovative patient-centered care model that offers patients and families an acute care alternative by providing 24/7 hospital-level care in the patients’ home.
Cornwall Community Hospital first hospital in Canada to use SMART on FHIR technology
2022-03-14 | Cornwall Community Hospital press release
Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) has launched SeamlessMD, a Digital Patient Engagement platform used by hospitals and health systems across North America, to improve the surgical patient experience.
It’s time for Canada to embrace the CNIO role
2022-03-14 | Co-authored by Sonia Pagliaroli
Canadian healthcare environments have experienced and are continuing to experience significant technological shifts over the last several years. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated these shifts, such as virtual care which is becoming more common than in-person care in some cases. Additionally, electronic health record systems with an increasing number of functions and features are either being implemented, replaced or optimized in every Canadian jurisdiction.
Integrated Care Systems To Improve Primary Care and Population Health
2022-10-27 | Author: Cerner
Truly integrated care systems that provide consistent care to patients and clients over time, are believed to be an essential component in the complex journey to improve the health status and outcomes of a given population.
Shared Care Records – Leading The Way With Interoperability
2022-10-27 | Author: Cerner
The concept of interoperability between health and care providers across a given geography is certainly not a new idea, but perhaps the definition of what we mean and have come to expect from interoperability has evolved. As patients or consumers of health and care services, we have a certain level of expectation that providers will be informed and will know our medical history, whether we are non-smokers, have a penchant for physical activity, or prescribed a list of medications, etc.
Health partners in southeastern Ontario to adopt single health information system
2021-06-29 | Author: Christine Maloney, KHSCconnect
The six hospital organizations in the southeast have signed an agreement with Cerner Corporation to transform the experiences of those providing and receiving health care, with the implementation of a shared health information system (HIS) that includes electronic health records.