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Population health management

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From reactive care to proactive health

We’re focused on connecting traditional venues, the health continuum and advanced information about a person’s lifestyle to empower individuals in their health and care. Our programmable, comprehensive suite of solutions and services leverages our strategy that is designed to enable organizations to: know and predict what will happen within a population; engage the person, their family and the care team to take action; and manage outcomes to improve health and care.

We facilitate high-performing networks and align, engage and empower health care stakeholders through our industry-recognized platform, technologies and services. Our value-driven, communitywide approach supports clinical, financial and operational needs for providers, health organizations, communities, employers, payers, and provincial and federal governments across the continuum for today and tomorrow.

Related offerings


To identify and monitor opportunities for improvement, Cerner offers a comprehensive suite of analytic solutions that enables organizations to make data-driven decisions and perform advanced analysis tailored to their organization-specific needs and goals, leveraging aggregated and normalized data across the community.

Patient engagement

To aid organizations in empowering people, families and care teams to be active participants in their health and care, Cerner offers a robust member engagement solution that enables a person and their care team to be aligned, informed and educated on an ongoing basis.

Community care management

To achieve optimal quality, costs and health status, Cerner's community care management solution supports a person-centric approach of proactive surveillance, coordination and facilitation of health services across the care continuum for populations with certain risks, diseases, complications and high utilization.

Integrated care systems

Cerner works with Canadian health and care systems in their shift to integrated care, helping them meet their goals of quality, safety and efficiency of care.

Longitudinal record

To enable care teams to make more informed decisions, Cerner offers a longitudinal record designed to provide clinicians an organized, summary view of a person’s health and care story that is comprised of normalized data from disparate systems across the care continuum.

Performance improvement

To drive improved clinical, operational and financial outcomes, Cerner offers performance improvement solutions that leverage clinical and financial intelligence data from internal and external sources to empower clinicians with data that enables them to make more informed decisions at the point of care.

Registries and scorecards

To proactively identify gaps in care, recommend targeted interventions and provider performance, Cerner offers a registries and scorecards solution that enables organizations to identify, attribute, measure and monitor people and providers at an individual or population level.

Strategic advisory services

To navigate the transformation to value-based health care, Cerner offers population health consulting services that bring people, processes and technology together to create a collaborative, systematic strategy aimed at achieving an organization’s goals.


To aid in automating and managing an effective wellness program, Cerner has a web-based wellness solution that promotes people engaging in their own health.


What types of organizations are leveraging Cerner’s suite of population health management solutions and services?

Our value-driven, community wide population health management approach supports clinical, financial and operational needs for providers, health organizations, communities, employers, payers, and state and federal governments across the continuum for today and tomorrow.

Cerner supports organizations seeking to improve the quality of care, operate more efficiently, improve financial management and engage people in managing their health and care. Cerner aligns with organizations to assist in analyzing and managing performance for various alternative payment models. To facilitate optimal outcomes across populations, Cerner offers:

  • Advisory services to identify gaps, quantify risk, assess current and future state, and evaluate organizational readiness
  • Data aggregation and normalization across all venues of health and care to create a universal population record for each person
  • Near real-time intelligence to enable care teams the ability to take action within the workflow
  • A massive, highly scalable and programmable platform that supports any size population at the local, state and government level to provide a common platform across multiple business initiatives

The foundation of Cerner’s population health management approach is the HealtheIntentSM platform. HealtheIntent is a multi-purpose, programmable platform designed to scale at a population level while facilitating health and care at a person and provider level. Solutions built on the platform can be securely accessed anywhere, anytime. The platform:

  • Collects data from multiple, disparate sources in near real-time, including any electronic health record (EHR), existing IT system or other data sources, such as pharmacy benefit managers or insurance claims
  • Enables organizations to not only aggregate, but also transform and reconcile data across the continuum of care, establishing a longitudinal record for each person within a population
  • Identifies and stratifies populations to pinpoint gaps in care, enabling organizations to act on information and match the right care programs to the right people

Yes; HealtheIntent enables the development of applications and extensions that work seamlessly with other solutions and outside vendors. The platform promotes the extension and integration of HealtheIntent solution capabilities into existing, day-to-day applications, regardless of the transactional system being used.

No; organizations do not have to be using Cerner’s EHR to benefit from our suite of population health management solutions and services. We realize organizations need a system-agnostic platform that establishes a longitudinal record across multiple disparate systems, while leveraging your existing infrastructure.

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