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Virtual Health

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As technology and infrastructure advancements relating to telehealth and telemedicine have matured, the number of use cases has expanded to become part of larger Virtual Health Care delivery models. We believe that traditional industry terms such as telemedicine and telehealth will wane as virtual technology and workflows will become a standard of delivering a variety of health and care services. Cerner identifies telemedicine as a key capability, both in the context of virtual health and virtual care, empowering organizations to increase access while lowering the cost of delivering health care services across the continuum of care. Using an ecosystem of virtual and remote services and technology organizations are able to provide care at a distance, enabling the delivery of quality cost effective care anywhere.

Virtual Health Care empowers individuals to manage their health and care in new ways. We are now at the tipping point where remote monitoring and real time meaningful interventions will fundamentally change the way populations engage in their health.

Related Solutions

Video Visits

Video visits are part of a more comprehensive suite of virtual health care solutions that enable organizations to provide real-time, interactive communications between patients and clinicians from any location.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Technology is everywhere. Nowadays, a care team can prescribe technological devices that offer active, remote monitoring of a person’s health status from the comfort of their home. Using these devices, people are empowered to manage their health at their own convenience. In turn, care providers receive continual, vital information related to the person’s health condition.

Patient portal

Whether someone is healthy or sick, engaged or unengaged, individuals need tools and guidance to help manage and maintain their health and well-being. As health care data becomes more transparent and the concept of “shopping” for health care services continues to grow, those organizations that offer a positive consumer experience will be well-positioned for the future.