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Baystate Health

Baystate’s computer systems speed up after adopting remote hosting option

Seconds matter when it comes to running a fast-paced hospital, and medical workers can’t sit idly waiting for pages to load on their computers. When Baystate Health turned to Cerner and began using its remote hosting option (RHO) to manage its Millennium® systems, the health system of almost 1,000 beds saw quicker transactions and response times on Baystate’s computers.

“The numbers are really good; we’ve seen a lot of improvement,” said Joshua Wherry, director of data management and analytics at Baystate and chief technology officer (CTO) of TechSpring, the Baystate Health Technology Innovation Center. “This was one of the most successful projects I’ve seen implemented.”

On Nov. 14, 2016, Baystate and Cerner flipped the switch to CernerWorks℠ managed services and saw improved performance across its Millennium solutions. From August 3 through Oct. 31, 2016, Baystate’s average transaction response time was at more than two-thirds of a second (0.68). From January through March 2017, that average daily transaction response time fell to an average of .35 seconds — a 48 percent difference. Those transactions include all workflows for clinical and departmental staff, such as waiting on a page to load and the amount of time to log in or switch pages.

Providers could also log in quicker. From Aug. 3 through Oct. 31, 2016, it took more than two seconds (2.76) for the Millennium log-in process to complete. After the flip, from January 1 through the end of March, it dropped to a daily average of only 1.54 seconds.

Utilizing Cerner’s RHO helped Baystate focus its resources in other areas, especially as it rolled out a Meditech replacement project to Baystate Wing Hospital.

“Cerner lifted the load off us,” said Wherry.

“They worked with us to see how Baystate works. The team stayed engaged the entire time. They didn’t just bring along tasks and information; they participated in our workflow and brought along new ideas and designs.”

Flipping to Cerner’s RHO became one of the easiest changes the hospital experienced in the past several years.

“The flip we made to RHO is in the top five efforts I have witnessed scope wise in 28 years in IT,” said Dave Miller, senior IT director and chief technology officer at Baystate. “It is one of the best planned out and executed efforts that I have been a part of.”

The transition ran so smoothly that many doctors and nurses weren’t even aware of the large-scale project.

“The switch ran in the background without many people realizing what a monumental undertaking this was,” said Wherry.

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