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Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

"Putting the right nurse, with the right patient, at the right time"

Nurse managers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) are optimizing their approach to RN staffing by using Cerner Clairvia℠ to implement creative staffing techniques and make equitable patient assignments.

Cerner Clairvia helps hospitals calculate a patient’s acuity, or the care hours needed to move a patient towards wellness, based on information captured in the EHR. Accounting for the different level of care needs for each patient supports the organization in distributing fair and manageable workloads to members of the nursing team.

After implementing Cerner Clairvia, CHLA studied its impact on nursing productivity and reports positive results. “We are able to pull productivity reports for all units that showed everybody was between 90 and 105 percent productivity. We could show where we flexed, where people floated to another unit and where we called people off,” said CHLA’s Nancy Blake, RN, PhD, CCRN, NEA-BC, FAAN, CHLA’s patient care services director in Critical Care Services.

CHLA added Clairvia Outcomes-Driven Acuity to its staffing system in March 2014. CHLA designed the system’s mapping guide used to assess and assign patients’ acuity scores and statuses in relation to desired outcomes from standards set by the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC).

Visual cues from the solution’s dashboard alert nurse managers of changes in patients’ status, as well as if an overtime threshold is about to be reached or exceeded. This enables nurse managers to quickly adjust staffing to better meet each unit’s needs. In six months, CHLA reports that it reduced overtime and double time by 8.5 percent, and saved 2,071.2 skilled nursing hours.

“The acuity system helps us understand patient needs at that point in time and gets nurses to think in nursing outcomes and not in tasks,” said CHLA Administrator, Gayle Luker, RN, BSN, CPN. This helps ensure we are putting the right nurse, with the right patient, at the right time,” she added.

CHLA’s study also discovered operational benefits from the hundreds of reports Cerner Clairvia can generate. The aggregated data can objectively show decision support, each nurse’s productivity, and each units’ patient acuity while supporting managers in staffing requests and budgeting allocations.

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