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Christus St. Vincent Regional Immunization

From 0 to 140: Christus St. Vincent Regional first hospital to connect to state’s immunization registry

But Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center’s (CSV) immunization registry has quickly proven its value, at least to Gustavo Seluja. The senior systems analyst knows the tech side of the medical world, but his pediatric nurse practitioner wife knows the other side.

When Mr. Seluja began working on the connection to the New Mexico Health Department’s electronic immunization records, he learned something that troubled his IT mind. “My wife showed me the paper records they had to fill out manually,” he said. “And it was a mess. And it all has to be input in the state website manually – another mess.”

What troubled both Mr. and Mrs. Seluja: for the last year, none of CSV’s paper immunizations records had been sent to the state health department.

That changed on September 8, when CSV implemented Cerner Hub Immunization Registry solution. In 17 days, “we went from zero to 140,” he said proudly of the immunization records transmitted to the state - without changing nurse workflow.

“As soon as the vaccine is administered,” he explained, “the nurse goes through the medication administration steps in the hospital’s EMR. As soon as it is signed by the nurse, it goes straight to the state.”

Nurses have barely noticed the change. There was one addition to their workflow: an added drop down menu, with the same choices they used to fill out on paper. The training involved showing them one screen shot.

“All you have to do is sign it, and there it goes” said Seluja.

CSV in Santa Fe is the first hospital to electronically connect to the New Mexico Health Department’s immunization registry – and it is done in real time. The Cerner Hub interfaces immunization data in HL7 and normalizes it for submission to the state health department.

Recently, another Cerner client using our Cerner Hub Immunization Registry solution became the first hospital in the Buckeye state to submit its immunization registries electronically in real time. In two weeks, Wood County Hospital sent 67 immunization records to the Ohio Department of Health.

Seluja in New Mexico credits his success to working with the right people for a common goal. “It took a lot of people to put together a lot of pieces.” But now all those pieces – and records – are in the right place at the right time: real time. For some, that means going from 0 to 140.

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