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Fort HealthCare

Making meds administration safer, more efficient at Fort Healthcare

Medication administration has never been easier for the nurses and pharmacists at Fort HealthCare. The 72-bed hospital in Fort Atkinson, Wis., implemented RxStation® in June 2015. Since then, the automated dispensing machine has helped clinicians increase efficiency and improve patient safety.

“Our old station had all of the medications in one big drawer, and you had to pick which bin,” said Inpatient Director Pam Kuehl. “With RxStation, it’s just the one drug that’s coming out. The system is automated to the point that the nurse doesn’t have to think. It makes it a safer process.”

In addition to making sure the right medication is given to the right person at the right time, RxStation has also helped clinicians reduce the average time it takes to administer a medication.

“We had a time study done from our other system to the new system, and we actually have saved 20 seconds per transaction of one med,” Kuehl said. “It’s not uncommon for one patient to have over 15 different medications, so that’s a lot of time that could be spent better at the bedside.”

Educating Patients

Kuehl says nurses are using that extra time to better educate their patients on possible side effects. As a result, Fort HealthCare’s Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) score for communication about medicines went up nearly 10 points in just three months.

“Nurses are actually talking to patients in the room with no interruptions, so when the patients go home, they have more information and a better understanding,” Kuehl said. “That’s the passion, especially for nurses, to improve the patient’s experience and hopefully prevent readmissions.”

All the information in one place

In the pharmacy, RxStation has provided a much more effective way to complete diversion reports. Prior to implementation, pharmacy technicians had to look at three different applications to verify what was dispensed, what was administered and what was wasted. RxStation has made all that information available in one place.

“With our previous vendor, to do every narcotic transaction for the previous day was taking hours, and we’re not a very large facility – so for a larger facility it would be even worse,” said Pharmacy Analytics Coordinator Abby Pettit. “With the new reporting, my time is cut more than in half.”

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