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Great River Health Systems

Great River Health Systems reduces AR days, using electronic scheduling, patient accounting tool

Great River Health Systems of southeast Iowa, successfully implemented over 50 integrated Cerner solutions across the health system in 2014. While visiting the 2015 Ambulatory Summit in Kansas City, Great River learned about Cerner’s Practice Management (CPM) solution, and again started looking to incorporate a more productive and practical solution to improve patient care and a happy work environment for their staff. CPM would provide a complete suite for physician practices, including registration, scheduling, patient accounting and reporting.

Great River made the decision to implement CPM in 16 clinics. Since implementation of Cerner Practice Management from October 2015 to August 2016, and after adding additional providers, the accounts receivable (AR) days have decreased by 13.4 days.

"CPM was designed from beginning to end with clinics in mind, so it’s really physician practice management," said Director of Operations, James Bell. "CPM has many benefits, one in particular is that it has allowed Great River to improve clinic throughput. The efficiencies that start with registration and scheduling were felt all the way through to the nurses and physicians in the exam room, and ultimately our patient experience. Our decision to transition to CPM was partly driven by our passion to support physicians and staff, and to really make a great place to work so patients continue to come back and get healthier."

Soon after implementation, physician satisfaction started to climb.

"Cerner Practice Management has really helped us encompass the entire patient experience in one application," said Director of the Business Office, Jane VanFleet.

Sandy Hutson, one of Great River’s registration and scheduling trainers, can vouch for the benefits of CPM.

"We use it 100% in registration," said Hutson. "CPM is so much faster with fewer clicks. We’ve gotten rid of a lot of hospital fields that were unnecessary for clinic registration, and it’s a huge time saver. Staff satisfaction is over the top."

In addition to the staff, patients are also benefiting from the decreased wait times.

"It makes the registration process so much smoother, and it’s wonderful for our patients because it takes less time," added Hutson. "When they come into the clinics, they already don’t feel well, so they don’t want to stand at the front desk and answer all these questions for us. Having CPM just makes the process go so much smoother for everyone involved."

Great River has seen so much growth and opportunity in what they have created.

"Our partnership with Cerner and CPM have really increased our ability to communicate effectively with the front-end, from the things we see on the back-end," said VanFleet. "I continue to see us setting goals and communicating back with the clinics, reducing the denial rates, increasing clean claim rates, increasing net revenue and ultimately collecting more money."

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