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Health Quest

Instant Access an instant success at Health Quest

One of the biggest headaches for clinicians at Health Quest was wasting time manually entering their username and password each time they signed-on to their EHR.

In 2014, the Hudson Valley’s largest integrated family of hospitals implemented Cerner Instant Access™. Clinicians now access the information system with a simple scan of their employee I.D. badge.

Each manual entry was taking about 45 seconds, Chief Information Officer Robert Diamond said, and most Health Quest clinicians access the system about 10 times a day. For some hospitalists that number is as high as 30. Expediting the logging-on process has saved time and increased physician satisfaction.

“This solution allowed us to ensure the quickest possible access to the systems,” Diamond said. “The feedback was instantaneous. There was an immediate return of praise. We are seeing a satisfaction on the physician level that is unprecedented for us.”

Clinicians throughout the health system are able to spend less time on their devices and more time with their patients.

“By far, my favorite part of my job is the patient interaction, the staff interaction,” said Associate Chief Nursing Officer Trish Beck. “Having Instant Access™ gives me that extra time back, so I can spend time with the staff and the patients.”

Health Quest already had a badging system in place that clinicians were used to. Diamond said Cerner integrated the Instant Access™ solution into the existing system, which has made implementation an adoption relatively seamless.

“We saw the issue, Cerner knew we wanted to resolve it, we communicated what we were wanting to do and we got it done fairly quickly,” said Chief Information Officer Robert Diamond. “It was a huge benefit to the organization.”

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