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Lafayette General Medical Center

Lafayette General Medical Center achieves strong improvement in quality measure compliance

Lafayette General Medical Center (LGMC), a 377-bed facility based in Lafayette, La., recently made a significant stride in advancing its quality of care by meeting 32 of 35 of its quality goals from October 2013 through January 2014. Serving a population of more than 670,000, the organization has established itself as a leader in providing comprehensive medical care and achieved HIMSS Level 6 recognition in June 2012 for its adoption of next generation technology and innovative practices. In January, all VTE (6) measures reached 100 percent for the first time — a huge win for LGMC and a promising next step in their journey to improve quality and deliver safer, preventative care. Made possible by the combined efforts of LGMC and Cerner, together they have achieved significant progress since they implemented improvements to enhance user satisfaction and abstraction workflow.

In 2011, LGMC’s Quality Outcomes team conducted an assessment of their quality abstraction workflows to identify improvements to current processes. Their analysis uncovered inconsistencies in data capture and an overall lack of solution knowledge, which lead to inefficient time spent verifying clinical documentation for concurrent review. Meanwhile, executive leadership was dedicated to maximizing the use of all implemented solutions to ensure quality patient care. Eager to streamline their workflow with a tool that could enhance their concurrent abstraction processes, the Quality Outcomes team partnered with Cerner to formulate a plan. Cerner’s Lighthouse team proposed the following steps to address LGMC’s current and future objectives:

 1. Design: A re-developed NHIQM solution would enhance user satisfaction. Cerner’s eQualityCheck (eQC) tool, designed specifically for quality abstractors, would also pave the way for better adoption.

 2. Workflow Processes: The eQC tool would support concurrent abstraction processes by capturing real time core measure data at a point in time when patient care could still be impacted. Quality abstractors could use these automated clinical quality views for final review and approval prior to submission.

 3. Training: The Cerner Lighthouse team, in conjunction with the LGMC education department, would revamp the super user and end user training curriculums.

In Q1 of 2013, LGMC implemented the eQC tool with the re-designed NHIQM solution (v4.2). Paired with a robust concurrent review process, eQC enabled the abstractors to readily access and input core measure data into their submission vendor’s tool. Albeit a dual-abstraction process, this workflow decreased overall chart abstraction time by 50%. In addition to abstraction efficiencies, LGMC realized improved quality measure outcomes in several areas:

  • Increased efficiencies in the quality review and abstraction process
  • Exceeded 32 of 35 FY 2014 Clinical Quality Measure Compliance Goals for the time period of October 2013 - January 2014
  • 100 percent compliance with IMM (Influenza) for March 2014
  • An ADC of 300
  • 100 percent compliance for all VTE measures for January 2014
  • Top 10 percent Joint Commission for VTE prevention
  • Top 10percent CMS for VTE prevention

Joan Stokes, quality director at LGMC, recently shared her excitement on these achievements. “The scores are in! We exceeded our goal and met 32 of 35 quality goals inclusive of October through January! The biggest win — in January, ALL VTE (6) measures were 100 percent. This is the first time ever! This places us in the top 10 percent for Joint Commission and the top 10 percent for CMS for VTE! The outcome of this story - we are actively preventing hospital acquired DVT and PE. Yes!"

Today, LGMC continues to build their partnership with Cerner. They participated as a validation partner for the NHIQM v4.3 release and aligned with Lighthouse to provide managed services, inclusive of performing solution updates and supporting ongoing improvement activities. Looking ahead to long-term eSubmission, LGMC is on track to replace Premier, its current submission vendor, with Cerner beginning in Q3 of 2014. As their relationship grows, both organizations look forward to uncovering new opportunities to improve performance, quality and patient care in the years to come.

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