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Middlesex Hospital

Capacity management solution helps increase Middlesex Hospital transporter productivity by more than 50 percent

“We're moving a lot more patients, and we’re moving them more quickly,” said Shauna Lawson, RN, BSN, clinical analyst at Middlesex Hospital. “We're getting them to the right care venue in a timely and efficient manner, which helps improve not only the patient's overall care, but also their satisfaction.”

Lawson is referring to successes from the implementation of Cerner’s capacity management solution, CareAware Patient Flow®, in June 2014.

Before implementation, the hospital struggled with moving patients from venue to venue. Nurses had to complete up to 50 percent of scheduled transports, which pulled them from skilled clinical duties and patients.

Today the transportation department handles 100 percent of scheduled patient transports and has added equipment transports not previously provided by the transportation team. Each transporter also completes an average of 33 jobs per 8-hour shift, which is 12 more completed jobs than the 21 Middlesex originally budgeted — an overall 57 percent increase in jobs completed.

Efficiencies created by CareAware Patient Flow, like the ability to auto-assign jobs and provide the necessary details to perform a transport on a carried mobile device, have helped achieve the productivity increase. The solution uses data flowing throughout Middlesex to provide real-time visibility to bed status, which also automates the bed turnover process through the transportation and environment workflows. Ultimately, it acts as the central nervous system for hospital functions key to overall throughput.

“No longer is EVS and transport stuck communicating from silos,” said Lawson. “Now they are married together in one system.”

Each transporter and housekeeper carries an iPod touch at Middlesex, which sends them notifications of the next scheduled transport or clean job’s location and time. Within the job request, they also receive information about any precautions to prepare for (i.e. Isolation) or equipment needed to perform the job. The device also allows for the transporter or housekeeper to communicate when the job is complete; automatically informing clinicians and providers of the real-time status of patients and rooms, all while eliminating phone calls.

Other departments and administrators are also beginning to realize the value and power of the new system.

“They are wanting it. They are coming to me and asking ‘Can we have what they have?’” said Lawson. “Buy in has been tremendous.”

Next up, Middlesex looks to implement CareAware CareView, making them the first Cerner client with CareAware Patient Flow, CareAware Tracking and CareView.

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