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MU Health Care

MU Health Care, Tiger Institute receive AHA Innovator Award for behavioral health application

Columbia, Missouri-based University of Missouri Health Care (MU Health Care) and the Tiger Institute for Health Innovation recently won the American Hospital Association’s Most Wired Survey Innovator Award for its MoodTrek™ application.

MU Health Care, a Cerner ITWorksSM client since 2009, was one of only three winners nationwide.

MoodTrek is a smartphone application that lets users — typically adults with depression or other mood-related disorders — log their moods, activity and sleep and share that data with their providers. The application’s goal is to combat a common issue called the “recency effect,” which occurs when a patient cannot recall all necessary information from the time between visits.

While mood journaling has long been prescribed for tracking behavioral health, in the past, this was done via hand-written notes. MoodTrek creates convenience for patients, who can document moods anytime, anywhere in a secure fashion.

“Patients are at the heart of who we are, and we believe our patients deserve the very best in medical technology,” said Jonathan Curtright, chief executive officer of MU Health Care. “Patients want options to receive care how and when they want. That’s why we strive to have an electronic health record that truly serves our patients.”

Users record their moods on a scale of one to five by selecting the appropriate icon that matches their current feelings. By linking the application to a Fitbit®[1} activity tracker, users can integrate sleep and exercise activity and share it with their primary care physicians and psychiatrists. From the MoodTrek's launch in January 2015 to August 2017, more than 2,400 users downloaded the app.

If a patient is seen by a provider who uses a Cerner electronic health record, the information is uploaded into their health record. Users also can download reports of their mood, sleep and exercise activities to bring to their visits.

Providers can view patients’ records through MoodTrek prior to their visits, making appointments more efficient and effective. Improved record keeping also helps both patients and providers understand the interplay between mood, sleep, exercise and journaling on overall health.

“At the Tiger Institute, it’s our goal to enrich the lives of patients and empower them to take control of their health care,” said Bryan Bliven, chief information officer at MU Health Care and executive director of the Tiger Institute for Health Innovation. “MoodTrek is a prime example of how we’re bridging the gap between providers and patients. We’re proud the app has been recognized with an Innovator Award — it affirms our commitment to improve lives using technology.”

[1]Fitbit® is a registered trademark of Fitbit, Inc.

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