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Nash Health Care

Nash ED care team sees strategic advantages from mobile device deployment

The emergency department is often considered the frontline of the hospital, and an environment where efficient communication is critical to success.

At Nash General Hospital, the recent deployment of Cerner CareAware Connect™, a smartphone-based care-team communication solution, is allowing ED staff to communicate proactively and with targeted precision, helping to ensure the right communication is delivered to the right person at the right time.

"CareAware Connect allows team members to communicate quickly, address alarms, answer messages, and safely and efficiently care for our patients," said Operations Improvement Coordinator Caroline Vierheller. Vierheller is just one of many employees excited to see 27 minutes shaved off the time it takes to assign beds to admitted patients. The minutes saved allow patients to be quickly moved to inpatient care settings, where they can receive their next phase of care and, ultimately, get back to waiting families.

The 27-minute reduction per bed adds up to 5,028 hours saved a year, which translates to time and space for 774 additional patients. That equates to a potential $1.5 million in additional revenue for Nash General, a welcome vantage point.

But, according to the ED care team, the potential addition to revenue isn’t the only tactical value of the new solution. “I like how it lets us know who is on our care team and when a patient has to use the restroom,” said one nursing assistant. “I like how the information comes straight to the phone.”

Fifty one surveyed ED employees say CareAware Connect has a positive impact on their job satisfaction. Among the registered nurses that took the survey, there was a 16 percent improvement in perceived noise levels, 25 percent improvement in team communication, and a 62 percent improvement in overall communication technology satisfaction ratings.

CareAware Connect creates secure text messaging to the ED clinical team through mobile devices. At Nash General, the system sends a select number of nurse call requests and critical alarms directly to the CareAware Connect iPhones. The alerted care team member can then indicate if they can respond. In the event someone can’t respond, the alert is forwarded to the next care provider, providing the most immediate care possible to the patient.

By supporting reduced alarm fatigue, refined communication, and getting patients quickly directed to their next care need, the CareAware Connect platform has positioned the Nash General ED care team to out maneuver industry pressures while keeping patient care at the center of their strategy, exactly where it should be.

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