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North York General

Take note: North York General Hospital saves time, money with Cerner documentation solutions

At North York General Hospital (NYGH), ambulatory endoscopy physicians are improving report quality and delivering better patient care while saving thousands of dollars.

The Toronto-based community academic hospital implemented PowerNote™ and Care Aware MultiMedia™ in March 2014. By the end of the first month, 100 percent physician adoption was achieved for documentation of gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy.

The system allows physicians to create endoscopy reports electronically using a standardized format that incorporates national quality standards and evidence-based reporting terms, while simultaneously reducing the need for transcription. Clinicians can also attach images directly to the chart, making all information available in one place.

“This new system is a very positive step forward in improving the consistency, accuracy, accessibility and quality of endoscopy reports,” said Chief Medical Information Officer and Gastroenterologist Dr. Jeremy Theal. “Reports are available for all clinicians to review immediately after the endoscopy, and by incorporating standardized clinical terms, we are able to generate reports to facilitate medical research and improve quality.”

Before implementation, physicians spent an average of nearly 3,000 minutes a month on the telephone transcribing paper records. After one month with PowerNote™, transcription time dropped 93 percent, saving the hospital an estimated $42,000 annually.

In addition to reducing monthly expenses, the new system significantly improved effective communication. `Without PowerNote™, clinicians were forced to wait between 4 and 12 hours before a physician’s dictation was transcribed. With no access to patient information, flow of inpatient care was stalled. Physicians caring for inpatients were not able to access endoscopy reports to make care decisions and share results with patients and their families.

Once PowerNote™ was live, patient information became available instantaneously and at any location.

With all endoscopy reporting data now stored using standard terms in a single database, NYGH is able to quickly and easily generate electronic reports to measure quality outcomes such as polypectomy rates. Such data was much more difficult and time-consuming to gather in the past using paper reports.

The hospital credits its success to a partnership between Cerner and Canadian gastroenterologists to develop a system based on the needs of clinicians. The user-friendly system helps the hospital meet Canadian endoscopy standards and makes it easier for clinicians to provide the best possible care.

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