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On-site health center helps Toyota employees save money while becoming healthier, more productive

When Toyota Industrial Equipment employee Lindsay Noel began experiencing knee problems, she didn't need to look far for a physical therapist. She visited her employer's on-site health center in Columbus, Indiana, to prepare for surgery and returned for more therapy after the operation. Toyota's health center, managed by Cerner, provides a range of services at a low cost for employees.

"I was able to go before work, during lunch or at another convenient time," Noel said. "With other providers, I would have to take vacation, but if I come here, I'm able to get in and out really quickly."

"A lot of people that work at Toyota are doing physical labor jobs," said Brock Gorman, occupational therapist. "It's important for them to get back. We're the piece that helps them build up strength, decrease pain and focus on the things they need to be able to do again."

In addition to physical and occupational therapy, the health center also offers primary care, urgent care and a pharmacy. Providing those services in a convenient location helps employees stay on top of health issues without taking too much time off from work.

"We're really busy, and it's hard to get away," said Eric Hart, patient. "The availability and the convenience of it right across the street is extremely helpful."

"They don't feel rushed in and out," said Deb Schroer, senior nurse practitioner. "They can come over and ask questions as frequently as they need to. We're available to them 12 hours a day, five days a week and four hours on Saturdays."

The on-site pharmacy at the health center not only saves time but money as well. The pharmacy offers heavily discounted over-the-counter and prescription medications. The on-site pharmacist helps Toyota keep health plan costs down by ensuring employees are aware of generic prescription options which can help them save on medications.

"The savings Toyota is able to save up front is passed along to the employees," said Heather Reedy, pharmacy manager. "When they are told their prescriptions are either a zero co-pay or $5, they're quite happy."

An increasing number of Toyota employees and their family members took advantage of the health center since its opening, with a 31 percent increase in total patient visits over the span of one year.1 Of those employees who visited the health center and responded to a follow-up survey, 97 percent reported satisfaction with their visit.

"I think Toyota is doing an outstanding job offering this benefit to the employees," said Hart. "Having the health center on-site is a big plus for an employee. It helps me stay productive, healthy and on top of my work."

1Comparing 10,232 visits in 2016 to 13,425 in 2017.

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