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Our Lady Lake ICU Award

Our Lady of the Lake wins award for humanitarian and innovative ICU

No one wants their loved one in an intensive care unit (ICU). But if such an instance arises, you’d probably want them in Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center’s award-winning ICU.

Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center (OLOL) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana just won the prestigious 2015 ICU Design Citation Award. The award is given annually to an ICU that is considered to be the nation’s most innovative and humane in both aesthetics and technology.

“In winning this award, Our Lady of the Lake has demonstrated its commitment to create a healing environment, promote safety and security, and utilize advanced design and technology for our most seriously ill patients,” Terrie P. Sterling, Chief Operating Officer for OLOL, said in a press release. “The design allows our clinical team to operate at the highest level of care and provide the best treatment for the patients we serve every day.”

OLOL designed its 60-bed medical and surgical ICUs around its belief that the patient’s environment is vital to the healing process. The design emphasizes features for a calm and comfortable environment: natural lighting, noise-reducing corridors, and plenty of space for family. OLOL’s interior utilizes soft earth tones along with paintings and accent pieces on its walls to create a “home away from home” for patients during the healing process.

Suspended from the ceiling, “ICU booms” create a more space-efficient room and contribute to improved patient safety. Placed overhead, clinicians use the video-conferencing equipment for around-the-clock mobile virtual monitoring of patients.

Caregivers can view statistically accurate indications of patients' severity of illness and risk of specific outcomes based on individual’s physiology, age and chronic health. From this generated information, the critical care team can better assess, prioritize and intervene on patients. The remote monitoring and risk predictive models are powered by CareAware Virtual™ and APACHE® Outcomes, respectively.

“Each day, our APACHE coordinator generates a list of APACHE low risk monitor patients. This list is then reviewed by the Intensivist and a bump list is created. These patients are then moved from the ICU to provide room for the new ICU admission. This process has significantly reduced the number of LRM patients in our ICU,” said Richard Kearley, MD, Medical Director of Critical Care for OLOL.

The technology also allows for critical care specialists across facilities to collaborate and form more meaningful care plans. OLOL critical care physicians and nurses can connect to its partner organization, Woman's Hospital, to view patients’ medical charts and vital signs across facilities. Enabling their supplemental oversight assists in lowing mortality rates, reducing the use of ventilators and reducing length of stay (LOS).

“[APACHE Outcomes] has further reduced our ICU average LOS compared to the previous year. This has resulted in a cost savings of over $4 million dollars,” said Kearley.

For more information, read the full news article on the health system’s website.

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