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CommonWell Health Alliance

Cerner has joined forces in an industry-wide alliance to create a nation-wide infrastructure that will enable better, more cost-effective care for patients.

Why is Cerner committed to creating an effective health data exchange? We believe that wherever consumers go for care, their past health care information—from within that hospital, within that community, within that region, anywhere within the US—should be available to care providers regardless of where it’s needed. That’s why we are committed to the CommonWell Health Alliance and have extended free services through 2020.

CommonWell Health Alliance provides the following services to all participating providers:

  • Patient Identification and Linking
  • Record Locator and Retrieval
  • Patient Access, Privacy and Consent Management
  • Trusted Data Access

A Landmark Event for Nationwide Interoperability

In December 2016, Carequality and CommonWell agreed to work together advancing connectivity and health information exchange. That collaboration is now Generally Available, helping increasing connectivity between hospitals and health systems nationwide.

 “The simplicity of our providers being able to access external clinical documents within their native EHR is a game changer. CommonWell and Cerner have provided us a solution we could have only dreamed of a few years ago.” – Nikki Manuel, MSN, RN-BC Informatics Nurse Specialist at Lafayette General Health

CommonWell and Carequality have established national registries of active sites.

Learn more about collaboration, including the results from the pilot program.

The time is now

CommonWell s creating a national fabric for health data exchange, which can only be achieved if we continue to grow. In matter of five years, the CommonWell Health Alliance has gone from a concept for advancing health IT interoperability to a means of enabling health data exchange between providers using various EHR technologies. CommonWell presently includes over 60 million patient health records and 80 different health IT company participants.

Did we mention that CommonWell services are free to all Cerner users through 2020?

If you are looking to take the next step, here are your options:

  • Contact your client relationship executive tell them you want to join CommonWell, including connecting to Carequality, services.
  • Email with your contact information and brief description of your organization. We will take it from there.

Now is the time to take the step in bringing true interoperability to your patients and organization.