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COVID-19 Mobility Information

To help facilitate mobile workflows and communication, Cerner is extending the number of licensed users on a select group of mobile apps during this time. View the COVID-19 Mobility information for a full list of these apps and to learn more.

Collaborating with our clients to supply data - CDC

Cerner, along with our clients, is answering the call of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health agencies to supply relevant data to aid the federal government in its COVID-19 response.

Cerner COVID-19 Initiatives

Cerner has announced several initiatives to reduce the financial burden for your health systems as you respond to COVID-19. View the Cerner COVID-19 Initiatives flyer to learn more.

Clinical Assist

We recognize that, during this great time of need, you are focused on providing patient care. We want to continue to support you through this difficult time, so we created Clinical Assist to offer your organization the clinical informatics, training, and strategic EHR support you need.

Command Center Incident Response Flyer

To help organizations manage operational efficiency during COVID-19, Cerner is offering rapid deployment of the Cerner Command Center dashboard.

HealtheCRM COVID-19 Offering Flyer

To help your organization with Recovery efforts from the COVID-19 pandemic, Cerner has designed an offering to help you automate outreach to your patients, encouraging them to reschedule appoints and procedures missed during this pandemic.

Workforce management operations

To help organizations proactively adjust staffing derived from objective workload calculations based on each patient’s clinical condition, Cerner is offering rapid deployment of ShiftAlert Clairvia and related service options.

Rapid deployment of CareAware Patient Flow®

To help organizations improve patient throughput by optimizing bed management and using near real-time data, Cerner is offering rapid deployment of CareAware Patient Flow.

Rapid deployment of CareAware CareView

To help organizations have near real-time visibility to discharge progression and clinical information for patients, Cerner is offering rapid deployment of CareAware CareView.

Winning patients back

To help providers make scheduling, testing functions, and surgery/procedure processes as seamless as possible to keep patient facing time as short as possible.

Vaccine Readiness Webinar

Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccine Readiness

Cerner associates Dr. David Nill, vice president and chief medical officer, and Kristin Glaza, senior solution strategist, in a webinar moderated by Dick Flanigan, address COVID-19 vaccine readiness. This pre-recorded webinar focuses on specific recommendations for organizations and providers to be prepared for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Vaccine Execution Webinar

Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccine Execution

Cerner associates Dr. David Nill, vice president and chief medical officer, Kristin Glaza, senior solution strategist and Jessica Oveys, lead solution strategist, in a webinar moderated by Dick Flanigan address COVID-19 vaccine execution. This webinar focuses on specific mass vaccination topics health systems and providers should consider when executing their mass vaccination strategy.