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von Madison Buckles
veröffentlicht am 09.07.2018

A guest article by Madison Buckles

Die Schüler von heute sind die IT-Ingenieure von morgen. Deswegen waren wir sehr erfreut, als wir eine Anfrage für ein zweiwöchiges Schülerpraktikum bekamen. Zwei Wochen lang begleitete Madison – eine junge Amerikanerin, die erst seit knapp zwei Jahren in Deutschland lebt – unseren Alltag und bekam einen Einblick in die Welt der Healthcare-IT und die Abläufe im Hintergrund am Standort Erlangen. Über ihre Zeit bei uns verfasste sie, ebenfalls als Teil ihres Praktikums, einen Blogbeitrag.

When I started my internship at Cerner, I was in a flurry of excitement and nervousness. I quickly realized that it was all for naught, because everyone at Cerner was very welcoming and happy to have me there. I found this to be a reoccurring theme within my time at Cerner. Everyone was very good at and focused on their jobs, and they were all willing to answer any of my questions and explain to me what they were doing. My time at Cerner has been exceedingly educational and has shown me a lot about what life is like after you get out of school.

When I arrived on the first morning, I could feel the butterflies’ metaphorical wings beating against the walls of my stomach. I summoned all my courage, and walked through the door. My supervisor, Norbert, took me on a tour of the office and introduced me to everyone. They were all happy to meet me and I felt some weight lifted off my shoulders. Norbert gave me my laptop and my key card and I started to feel less nervous and more excited for the next two weeks of my internship.

On my second day, I was in a marketing team meeting. During the meeting, everyone shared what they had been doing and they exchanged their opinions and ideas about everyone’s different projects. By working together, they could develop ideas and make things better. This meeting pushed me to my limits since it was all in German, which is my second language. I was far out of my comfort zone trying to follow along with all the discussion, but I learned a lot about how team meetings work and could get a little better at German as well.

The process a contract goes through at Cerner is like a finely tuned machine. I learned this on my third and fourth days of my internship, which I spent learning from people in quotes and contract processing. Each person does their job, and then passes it on to the next person in the chain. Each person is essential in making the process run smoothly. They explained to me what they do, showed me the systems they use, and what they do on an average day. I thought that this might bore me with all the paperwork, but I was surprised at how interesting it was. Everyone I worked with was very nice to me and interested in hearing about my life and what it’s like to be an expat in Germany. I was glad that I was getting more used to working life and how everything works at Cerner.

I ended my first week learning about what contract consultants do. They do all the financial parts and things that aren’t product-related in a contract. I was shown everything they do for each contract. There’s a lot of work that goes into each contract that I didn’t know about before. For example, I wasn’t aware of much of the financial aspects of a contract and parts of a contract that aren’t product-related or that everyone checks each other’s work to make sure there aren’t any mistakes. At the end of my first week, I was looking forward to the weekend and to the next week of my internship.

To start my second week at Cerner, I learned about managed services. I learned how they use databases to keep track of the hospitals and clinics and their individual needs. They have tons of information, so it’s very important that it’s all stored and organized. I was happy that I finally had a reason to use Excel, which I hadn’t thought was very necessary when I was taught it at school.

The Cerner support team is dedicated to making sure everything is running smoothly for all of Cerner’s clients. This is what I learned on my seventh day at Cerner, when I shadowed people in support. They showed me how they communicate with clients and what they do to help their clients. They work to help clients if they have any issues with Cerner’s products. I was shown how they use different software to find and fix the client’s problems. Everyone in support cares a lot about keeping everything working perfectly for their clients.

During my time at Cerner, I have learned so much. I am very grateful that I can experience what it is like to work at a company like Cerner. I feel that I have grown as a person through this experience and, even though I was scared in the beginning, I have learned that I am more capable than I knew. I now know that there was no need to be scared, because everyone at Cerner was very hospitable and I had a great time learning from them. Overall, everything has been superb and I am happy that I did an internship at Cerner.