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Distie Profit

Distie Profit

Distie has played a key role in Cerner’s growth in the UK and in the broader non-U.S. market. In 2008, three years into her Cerner career, Distie moved to London with the aim of establishing and leading the development of direct client engagement. This led to the launch of a client reference programme for Europe and the creation of the Collaboration Centre, a 24,000-square-foot meeting and experience space located in the heart of London, where the Cerner UK offices are based.

Prior to her appointment as general manager for the UK, Distie was the senior executive responsible for corporate affairs; client reference and optimisation; marketing and communications; and sales support organisations across Cerner’s existing and emerging markets outside the United States.

Her leadership and experience have been key in the development of strategies and campaigns to advance the delivery of various models of care. Distie’s passion for innovation in healthcare and wellness will help drive Cerner UK towards our goals of smarter care, better outcomes and healthier populations.

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