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Geoff Segal

Geoff Segal

As the vice president and managing director for Cerner in the United Kingdom, Geoff is responsible for the success of the business and focuses on engaging with and developing client relationships for Cerner UK.

Geoff joined Cerner in 2006, having come from a major London teaching Trust where he was a superintendent physiotherapist responsible for performance and digitalisation for his department. During his time at Cerner, Geoff has led teams delivering national level programmes, as well as international teams delivering projects across Ireland, Spain, France and Germany.

Geoff started life at Cerner as a senior project manager with responsibility for delivering the Cerner Choose and Book (CAB) programme within the National Programme for IT. After a successful period of delivery, he was promoted to executive responsible for the overall CAB engagement and managed the successful exit when the CAB programme was wound down nationally.

In 2010, Geoff was appointed to run the European consulting practice, and became responsible for all project delivery across the UK, Ireland, Spain, France and Germany, covering 50 clients with over 140 hospital sites. Over the four years that Geoff lead the consulting practice, dozens of successful projects were delivered across those countries. The UK was a particularly active region during this period, with multiple organisations simultaneously upgrading their systems or going live with entirely new functionality, as well as exiting the national programme to become direct Cerner clients.

In January 2015, Geoff took on the managing director role for Cerner UK.

Geoff holds science degrees in Physiology (merit in mathematics) and Physiotherapy (Hons) from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, and an MBA from the Open University in London.

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