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by Geoff Segal
Published on 7 January 2016

We are lucky to live in a country that is able to dedicate so much resource to healthcare: good health, and care when it’s needed, drives a successful country. Effective healthcare available to all is a great gift as everyone needs healthcare at some point in their life. Having access to reliable and safe healthcare as we get older is of great assurance and we must work hard if we want to keep it that way. It’s very personal, very collective and very expensive which is why healthcare is too important to stay the same. Finding ways to eliminate error in the highly complex fabric that is health and care is deeply engaging to us at Cerner. Being part of something so fundamental and so in need of keeping for future generations has driven us to pursue the dream of a world without medical error.

Over my 10 years at Cerner I have worked with many great people dedicated to helping our NHS partners adopt new workflows, behaviours and transform their way of working for better outcomes for: patients, their hospitals, themselves and the communities they and we live in. 2015 was a great year for that.

Reflecting on an entire year in few enough words is challenging and fortunately a picture is worth a thousand words so we put together a graphic that fantastically captures 2015 and what our 400+ UK associates, together with our NHS partners, helped achieve.

This blog was written by Geoff Segal, General Manager, Cerner UK and Ireland. Geoff has been working in healthcare for 22 years including 5 years as a physiotherapist in the NHS.