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by Cerner UK
Published on 16 November 2015

Last year, at St George’s NHS Foundation Trust, we were successful in our Nursing Technology Fund bid to purchase interactive whiteboards.

The interactive whiteboards display information similar to the 'patient status at a glancev board. Information displayed on the whiteboard comes directly from the patient’s electronic record and updates every 30 minutes for the rounds. Key information displayed includes: length of stay, early warning scores, predicted discharge dates (in line with Breaking the Cycle initiative), alerts and allergies.

We at worked closely with other Trusts (who have deployed the whiteboards) as well as internal clinical leads and Cerner to decide on the design and structure of the screen.

The Renal department initially piloted the whiteboards and their feedback has been valuable to help inform future training and deployment. The whiteboards are currently being rolled out to all inpatient areas, and the Director of Nursing and the Medical Director both have a whiteboard in their office which they are using daily for team meetings and also to monitor bed status in real-time.

The whiteboards are being used during nursing handover, board rounds and multi-disciplinary team meetings. Clinical staff also use the whiteboards to help with accessing patient information and to facilitate decision making. Clinical managers can view their ward whiteboard from their computer to monitor patient flow within their areas.

Alice Kebbay, Practice Educator from Renal said:

“Currently the whiteboard is being used during the Consultant multi-disciplinary team (MDT) board rounds as this is a more detailed round. Using the interactive whiteboard, allows all members of the MDT to view specific patient details. This in itself is useful, as previously patients details were relayed by the Senior House Officer, using a workstation on wheels.”

Future plans include customising the whiteboards for departments like maternity.. The Trust also plans to have a whiteboard displaying patient status in theatres so that visitors (who will be allocated a number to identify their relative) can see how their relative’s procedure is progressing.

Alison Ellis, Benefits Manager from Health and Social Care Information Centre spent some time in the renal ward and said:

“The level of detail on each patient’s condition which was available and presented during the MDT board round was impressive. The interactive electronic touch-screen whiteboard enabled all the relevant information such as diagnosis, clinical notes, medication, and test results to be displayed at a touch for the whole multi-disciplinary team to view and consider.”

This blog was written by Jenny Muir, Clinical Change Lead, Annette Carne IT, Change Manager and Evon Wheeler, IT Communication lead at St George’s NHS Foundation Trust.