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by Claire Delplancq
Published on 24 March 2017

We started the day with the Accountable Care Organisation (ACO) keynote. Emil Peters, Non-US Vice President, welcomed all attendees and gave an opportunity to some of our most recent clients to share their objectives and what they would like to learn during the Forum.

Then Justin Whatling, Population Health Vice President, took the stage with Tina Esposito and Sandy Rigley from Advocate Healthcare, and Nicky Murphy from NHS England, to discuss the journey to accountable care, and what it takes to get there.

During the day, Homerton University Hospital talked abouttheir Health Information Exchange deployment and Wirral shared their Population Health journey with attendees coming from 13 different countries.

In the second keynote, Frits Van Merode shared how Maastricht University Medical Centre approaches Population Health management, and Tim Higginson, CEO at Lewisham and Greenwish NHS Trust, talked about his community strategy to deploy Population Health.

Over the three days, attendees also had the opportunity to 'Meet Audrey' and visit the Solutions Gallery to explore what Cerner has to offer.