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by Claire Delplancq
Published on 28 March 2017

This year’s Forum focused on creating and sharing healthier stories. We know that healthcare is personal. Everyone has a story to tell when it comes to their own, and their loved one’s health - and we’re all working together to improve care and the well-being of our communities.

You will find all the highlights video of the event below.

Four days, more than 500 people, and a successful 2018 European Collaboration Forum!

by Cerner UK
26 March 2018
Over 500 clients and associates recently attended the annual European Collaboration Forum in London. Major themes included nursing leadership, population health and data intelligence, and the value of patient centred care.

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5 of the most important medical advancements

by Claire Delplancq
5 September 2017
A selection of 5 of the most important medical advancements, some are big, some may seem small, but all help patients be healthier and to empower them to be in control of their own health.

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#CernerCF17 - Welcome to the Solutions Gallery!

by Claire Delplancq
8 March 2017
After attending an inspirational talk or an education session with other healthcare professionals, why not take a walk through the Solutions Gallery and improve your knowledge of all our solutions and services? During the three days of the Collaboration Forum 2017 you will have the opportunity to explore the Solutions Gallery and access tours showing workflows based on real-life scenarios. All presentations will revolve around this year’s theme, Creating Healthier Stories.

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European Collaboration Forum 2017 Keynotes

by Claire Delplancq
2 March 2017
We have fantastic speakers lined up for the Collaboration Forum 2017. Find the details of the keynotes here.

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