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by Oracle Cerner UK
Published on 25 January 2018

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust (ELHT) has chosen global health information technology leader Cerner as its Preferred Supplier of a new clinical information system that will help to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of patient care.

The system, commonly known as ‘Electronic Patient Record’ (EPR), is the intelligent software which brings each patient’s key clinical and administrative data together in one place.

ELHT Director of Finance Jonathan Wood, said: “We are delighted to choose Cerner as the Preferred Supplier for the electronic patient record system, which will deliver a safe, reliable and convenient solution for our patients and clinical staff”.

“Cerner’s EPR, selected by senior clinicians at the Trust, will firmly place East Lancashire Hospitals at the forefront of NHS health informatics and enable us to introduce further innovation for the benefits of staff and patients.”

Among the many patient benefits achieved by NHS Trusts already using Cerner Millennium include improved decision making for clinicians, less time spent searching for information and waiting for paper records, improved patient safety and faster commencement of treatment plans.

“East Lancashire Hospitals is a very large NHS Trust with around 1,000 inpatient beds and 20,000 outpatient appointments each week. That means we need the best patient information system available so our clinicians can more effectively and efficiently manage their patients at all times,” added Jonathan Wood.

Last October, 50 senior clinicians as well as IT management at East Lancashire Hospitals evaluated EPR systems from five companies, and chose Cerner Millennium as a clear winner.

Following evaluation, the Trust’s EPR procurement case was presented to, and signed off by, the ELHT Board in December.

East Lancashire Hospitals will gain a number of benefits from implementing Cerner Millennium, not least the ability for clinicians to view a patient's medical record whenever and wherever they need it. This removes the sometimes lengthy wait for the paper record to be brought or found.

ELHT Chief Clinical Information Officer Dr Tom Newton, said:

“Much more than a computer system, Cerner Millennium will transform the way our clinical staff work, making sense of busy, complex health services, analysing information in clever ways and helping to manage many every-day tasks.”

“This system will not only help to treat patients more effectively by giving healthcare staff easier access to up-to-date information, it will also use this information to improve care, and give healthcare staff the tools needed to be safer and more efficient”.

The Trust is now working with Cerner to develop a Full Business Case for the implementation of the EPR system. Pending approval and securing funding, East Lancashire Hospitals’ looks forward to working with Cerner in implementing its new EPR solution.

Geoff Segal, Vice President & General Manager for Cerner UK and Ireland, said: “We’re delighted that East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust selected Cerner as the Preferred Supplier to support their digital journey and enable better and safer care for their patients and community. Cerner will work in partnership with the Trust. We share the same vision that transformation must be clinically led in order to achieve the best outcomes for patients and staff.” 

“Thanks to this project, clinicians will be able to deliver better care for patients as they will be able to see information about a patient in one place. The time saved by using the new electronic patient record will allow doctors and nurses to spend more time with their patients. Together we will focus on improving outcomes and delivering the best possible care to the local community.”