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European Collaboration Forum

by Cerner UK
Published on 15 February 2019

With more than 80 speakers sharing their real-life learnings, challenges, and experiences across three jam-packed days, combined with networking opportunities with over 450 peers from around Europe, it’s hard to come up with a reason not to attend Cerner’s European Collaboration Forum (ECF).

#ECF19 is just around the corner, and in case the testimonials from last year’s attendees weren’t enough to convince you, let us introduce the amazing line-up of keynote speakers joining us for this year’s Forum.

Tuesday 26 February

Day one of the event will focus heavily on the benefits and challenges of delivering smarter care and its impact on clinicians’ experience and organisations’ performance.

Clinicians have an unquestionable role in the advancement of health and care, and just as important is their level of engagement in the transformation initiatives undertaken by their organisations.

The first speaker of the day will take on a mission to remind everyone sitting in the room of the importance of staff recognition in the journey to excellence.

Faith Roberts
Director, Magnet

Currently the director of Magnet, Professional Practice and Parish Nursing for Carle, Faith’s presentations draw on her extensive experience in administration, education, and clinical practice. They are famous for captivating attendees through humour and drama, and thanks to her unique ability to blend theory and reality, her talks are powerful and relevant to anyone listening, irrespective of their role, background, or specialty.

Dr Will Holland
Chief medical information officer, Banner Health

As greater numbers of organisations partner with neighbouring health and social care providers to align efforts and deliver safer and more efficient care across their regions, another big component comes into game and plays a key part in identifying and achieving common goals and joint success: governance.

Dr Holland is the vice president of care management and chief medical information office for Banner Health in the United States. Through his role, Dr Holland’s leadership supports the delivery of integrated care, the improvement of clinical outcomes and the management of risks at population level.

During the afternoon of day one, Dr Holland will continue to build on the vital role of clinician engagement in transformation programmes, then moving on to the importance of shared governance in the success of multi-site projects. Dr Holland will provide insights from his experience in driving system-wide transformation across a network of 15 hospitals, and 5,000 affiliated physicians, centred on Arizona and spread over six states.

Wednesday 27 February

The content on day two’s agenda starts to shift from a clinical focus to discussions exploring the benefits of integrating care and connecting information across venues and the potential of data intelligence to advance population health.

Citizens are at the heart of every effort that goes into improving health and care, and as so, they hold some of the most inspiring and trustworthy stories of how these advancements have transformed their experience as either service users themselves of relatives of others being cared for. 

During the morning keynote of Wednesday, we’re privileged to have patient representatives sharing their experiences and perspectives on smarter care and patient-centred improvements, alongside a clinical expert who has also experienced the positives of connected information.

Patient-led keynote session

Trevor Stiles

Trevor Stiles’ inspiring story serves as a reminder of why we all do what we do in health and care. In his keynote presentation, Trevor will look back to 2014 when he was first diagnosed with cancer and reflect how his involvement in his own care journey and access to his own patient information has positively changed over the past five years and transformed his patient experience.

Susan Wilson

Susan’s mother was a late-stage cancer patient receiving end-of-life care at home. Her story is one that proves the impact of connected, accessible information and what it means to patients in care: a positive, streamlined experience for patients, their families, and all those involved in the care journey.

Dr Sam Edward
Palliative care consultant and medical director, North London Hospice

Dr Edward will join the conversation and wrap up this keynote session providing her views as a clinician who has seen first-hand both the challenges that unavailable and disconnected information presents in end-of-life care and the impact that connected records and data can have on people. Formerly the medical director at St Joseph’s Hospice, one of the oldest and largest hospices in the UK, she recently joined the team at North London Hospice, leading multi-disciplinary care to patients, to help them live life to the fullest despite their illness.

Population health keynote: Data intelligence and national strategies

The afternoon keynote will kick-off the population health agenda through a panel session that will touch on the recently published NHS Long Term Plan, what it means from a population health perspective and how the different initiatives in the market are working towards delivering and embedding integrated care into the health and care system.

The session will also explore current and future developments in data intelligence, and the role it will play in enabling population health management over the coming years. This, hand-in-hand with open standards in data-driven healthcare, will move the industry towards truly personalised medicine and an intelligent healthcare system. 

Matthew Swindells
Deputy chief executive, national director of operations and information, NHS England

Matthew is responsible for national performance of the NHS against the NHS Constitution Standards, assurance of Clinical Commissioning Groups, achieving a paperless NHS, information and technology programmes and investment in data.

With over 25 years’ experience in health care services, he has worked in the Department of Health as a chief information officer and as a senior policy advisor to the Secretary of State for Health. He is visiting professor and chair of the advisory committee in the School of Health Management at the University of Surrey and member of the editorial board for the Journal of Population Health Management.

Dr Will Holland
Chief medical information officer, Banner Health

In his second keynote during the Forum, Dr Holland will share how data and intelligence is impacting care delivery and health outcomes for local people and the communities Banner Health serves across six different states in the U.S.

Professor John Halamka (Livestream)
CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, USA, and International Healthcare Innovation Professor, Harvard Medical School

As well as being a leading international voice on data intelligence, precision medicine and the role of open standards to improve clinical outcomes, Professor Halamka is responsible for all clinical, financial, administrative and academic information technology serving 3,000 doctors, 14,000 employees and two million patients in the United States. As chairman of the New England Healthcare Exchange Network (NEHEN), he oversees clinical and administrative data exchange in Eastern Massachusetts. As co-chair of the national HIT Standards Committee, Dr Halamka facilitates the process of electronic standards harmonisation among stakeholders nationwide. He authors a widely-read blog, ‘Life as a Healthcare CIO’, where he writes about a wide span of topics ranging from policies, data governance, technology and regulations to standardisation.

Thursday 28 February

Day three is focussed on transformation, integrating care with data intelligence and advanced analytics to unlock the potential of health systems. Each session is guaranteed to be insightful as we approach a new dawn in intelligence and system transformation – and putting it into practice for health and wellbeing.

Advanced journeys – citizen health intelligence and engagement

Allison Hess
Vice president of Health and Wellness, Geisinger Health Plans

Allison Hess has been part of the Geisinger family for 12 years and is responsible for the oversight and implementation of health and wellness programmes for patients and insured members, employees and community-based programming. With 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field, her most recent work involves community-based strategies impacting food insecurity and other social determinants of health.

As leaders across the globe commit to transform the health care experience for individuals and their families, Geisinger Health System and Cerner have partnered to advance health intelligence and personalised engagement by empowering people via access to health and wellbeing solutions, focusing on new data science and knowledge, and by connecting the individual to a health team committed to supporting them on their journey.

During this session attendees will be exposed to examples of advanced journeys through the experience of Geisinger Health System. Geisinger will share strategies implemented in various communities designed to impact human behaviour, environment, and use of genetic information in programmes. 


For more exciting updates, keep watching this space and join the conversation on Twitter using #ECF19.