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by Claire Delplancq
Published on 1 April 2016

With more than 400 attendees, 35 client-led education sessions, 17 countries represented and the 1st ever European Cerner Physician Community (CPC) meeting - the Collaboration Forum 2016 was a real success. This event gave attendees the opportunity to discuss the latest challenges in health care and share their experiences and insights with peers.

The theme this year focused on Connecting What Matters – the people, information and solutions that work together to drive continuous advancements in health care.

If you attended the Forum we would like to thank you for coming and hope to see you at Cerner Health Conference (CHC) 2016 and next year at the 7th Collaboration Forum.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend, here are some highlights of the three days.

Day 1 – 15/03/2016 – A focus on population health

The most emotional and personal talk of the day was from Liz O’Riordan, a breast surgeon suffering from breast cancer. She highlighted the importance of patient engagement during treatment.

Keynote One-Vanguards for transforming health and care

Speakers - Chris Wood, CMIO of Intermountain Healthcare, and Samantha Jones, Director of New Models of Care Programme, NHS England

The presentation explored how vanguards can help other organisations with issues they are yet to face in their pursuit of similar new care models in Europe

Keynote Two - New models of care for population health management

Speakers - Amanda Hammel, CP IT Operations & Population Health, Memorial Hermann, and Jonathan Develing, Chief Officer, Wirral CCG. Chair - Ben Collings, Project Director, The King’s Fund

The presentation brought attention to how new models of care can support population health management and create sustainable health care

Education sessions - covering topics such as digital road mapping, patient confidentiality versus information availability, stroke treatment, project deployment in Ireland, interoperability, ePMA, becoming HIMSS Level 7 and HIE.

Day 2 – 16/03/2016 – It’s all about nurses!

Day 2 of the Collaboration Forum opened with a keynote focusing on nurses, their role, their responsibilities, and how technology and processes can support their daily tasks.

Keynote - The ever-changing role of nursing

Speakers - Kim Henrichsen, Vice President of Clinical Operations & Chief Nursing Officer, Intermountain Healthcare and Charleen Tachibana, Hospital Administrator & Chief Nursing Officer, Virginia Mason Medical Center

Both speakers revealed the stories of how their organisations streamlined and transformed their nursing workforce and gave the audience insights into how this was achieved as well as the results they have witnessed

Education sessions - covering topics such as the importance of clinically-led transformation governance, nursing experience, go-live strategy, surgery process, blood transfusion and data quality.

Day 3 – 17/03/2016 – Explore the possible

Day 3 marked the end of the Collaboration Forum 2016.

Keynote - Connecting a community

Speakers – Daniel Clifford, IT & Systems Project Manager, Homerton University Hospital, Mark Kasozimusoke, Consultant Physician, Barts Health NHS Trust; and Osman Bhatti, General Practitioner & Clinical Lead for Community Health Services, NHS Tower and Hamlets CCG

HIE has the potential to offer a more efficient and effective way of working by sharing patient data across disparate systems at point of care, leading to better communication, care coordination and reduced cost. The session presented the views from the industry about Cerner HIE.

Education sessions - covering topics such as upgrading to 2015 codebase, SMART to FHIR, floorwalking models, going paperless, staff training and the impact of privacy laws.

We are looking forward to sharing and networking even more with you at CHC 2016 in November and next year at the Collaboration Forum 2017!