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UK COVID-19 vaccination

by Oracle Cerner UK
Published on 4 February 2021

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In this episode, Cerner’s international leaders, Matthew Pickett and Dr Colin Fincham, are joined by director and physician executive, Dr Andrea Dantas, and Charlie Evans, population health analytics team manager, to discuss the role of technology and data in the UK’s successful COVID-19 vaccination efforts. 

 “The mass vaccinations are going super well in the U.K. It brings us a lot of optimism. We did move quickly through the priority groups. The target remains to vaccinate everybody above 70 by the end of February.” – Dr. Andrea Dantas

“Cerner has developed a number of risk stratification algorithms to predict whether someone would be hospitalized if they were to be diagnosed with COVID-19, and some of our clients are using these algorithms to help prioritize who should be getting the vaccination first.” – Charlie Evans

Throughout this episode, you’ll listen to Dr Andrea and Charlie answer the following questions:

  • How is the UK doing with managing the pandemic, and how have things changed over the last 12 months? (3:55)
  • What are some of the highlights of the UK’s COVID-19 response? (8:20)
  • How is the UK able to administer vaccines at such a rapid pace? (11:58)
  • How is the UK ensuring that vaccines are distributed equitably to the populations who need them most? (16:03)
  • How have Cerner data and technology tools helped healthcare organisations in the UK deliver better care throughout the pandemic? (19:36)

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