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NHS Expo - partner with Cerner

by Cerner UK
Published on 27 August 2019

While we know technology has the power to transform and shape the future of healthcare, we also know that it doesn’t work in isolation. Strong collaboration, true partnership working and commitment to common goals are key enablers for the delivery of successful and meaningful transformation that results in better outcomes for patients.

Scroll down to uncover some of the most recent benefits and achievements experienced by our clients through their partnership with Cerner, as we all work together to create a seamless and connected world where everyone thrives.

1. Lewisham Health and Care Partners: using data intelligence for earlier diagnosis of diabetes

Diabetes treatment costs the UK £13.75bn a year, with £11.72bn being spent on Type 2 alone. The cost of diabetes-related absenteeism, early retirement and social benefits brings the total annual total to £29.2bn.

This story explains how digital and connected information can help tackle the issue through early identification of diabetic patients and those who might be at risk.

2. Connected information enabling smarter care across Wirral

Find out how a partnership of health and care providers on the Wirral peninsula is tackling disconnected information between health and care venues, providers, and differing IT systems, to provide seamless care to their local population.

So far, the project has proven to release the equivalent of £1.5m+ of GPs’ time every year, while considerably improving both the patient and clinician experience.

3. Digital tools improving patient safety at the Royal Free London

Reducing prescribing errors and medication-related harm are priorities for the NHS nationally. These factors have significant impact on patient experiences, outcomes and costs, not to mention the devastating effect to staff should something happen to a patient under their care.

Find out how Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust is enabling their care team to deliver the minimum five rights of medication safety – right patient, right time, right drug, right dose, right route – to people throughout their care journey.

4. Improving population health with a secure, next-generation research tool

Do you know how many of your organisation’s patients are likely to be readmitted within the next four weeks? Knowing this number can help your clinical teams improve the care they provide, while making better use of your health economy’s limited resources.

Discover how a renowned health system is using Cerner’s intelligence tools to predict which specific patients within an extensive population group are likely to be readmitted, and how to act proactively to improve their outcomes.

5. Successful digital transformation with patients at its core

It’s amazing how simple things can immeasurably improve the lives of patients and care recipients. Things that might seem unremarkable to outside observers can make a world of difference to those undergoing stressful or traumatic experiences as a result of medical treatment.

This blog is focussed on those who have seen up close the benefits of real, patient-focused connected care.