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by Geoff Segal
Published on 20 December 2016

Working closely with our NHS partners this year, our 460+ associates helped deliver benefits to staff and patients at a scale we have not done before. We helped our partners identify and treat sepsis faster, we integrated devices saving hundreds of hours of nursing time, we connected citizens across communities and enabled hospital staff and GPs to share data in real time improving the clinician and patient experience.

We are at the point now where we can prove the benefits of technology-enabled care at scale. We are extremely fortunate to work with 4 Global Digital Excellence exemplars, and in 2017 we will support their vision to expand digitisation, connect their health systems, engage patients in their care and reduce variance at scale.

Through 2017, as the sustainability and transformation programmes (STPs) start to find their legs, the points above will gain greater relevance on a number of fronts. Integrated data creates the opportunity for knowledge that can be acted on. Citizens are increasingly wanting access to their data and don’t want to have to be the data integrators in order to manage and share their data.

As the pressure on the health system is set to continue, citizens will take a more active role in their care management and health and this will require access to their data as, let’s be clear, it is their data.

There is a staggering amount to go do and Cerner associates are key participants in helping the NHS, through the 21 Trusts that have chosen us as their partner, to perform better against the immense task of delivering world class healthcare services to 60 million people every single day. Being patients ourselves, we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the NHS and the hospitals in our local community.