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Featured Blog

by Cerner UK
Published on 5 October 2018

Maternity care in Ireland has undergone a sea change in recent years, moving from countless versions of paper notes to a single electronic health record for every mother and baby.

The Maternal and Newborn Clinical Management System (MN-CMS) has transformed clinicians’ workflows by introducing immediacy, clarity and standardisation nationwide, resulting in better data for enhanced reporting, and an improved experience for the people who rely on it. Such has been its impact, it was honoured at the Tech Excellence Awards in 2018.

At the 2018 European Collaboration Forum, we were joined by Orla Sheehan, who is a NICU nurse and system administrator for MN-CMS at Cork University Maternity Hospital. She spoke to Cerner’s David Clancy about the benefits and future of the system, and you can listen to their conversation below.


Ep. 1: Ireland-wide maternity transformation


“We had very good clinical input into our design phases, so there were clinicians at every stage of this who gained national agreement on a number of issues so that we could build all of these into MN-CMS.”
- Orla Sheehan, NICU nurse and system administrator for MN-CMS, Cork University Maternity Hospital

CHC18: Four days of thought leadership, innovation and networking

by Cerner UK
2 October 2018
Renowned around the world for bringing together first-class speakers, health and care experts, and industry thought leaders, this year’s Cerner Health Conference (CHC) is just around the corner. In case you are still not sure what all the excitement is about, keep on reading.

Battling sepsis on World Sepsis Day and beyond

by Jennifer Yang-Meslet
13 September 2018
This World Sepsis Day, over 20,000 people will die from the condition, including 120 in the UK, and according to the Dr Foster research unit at Imperial College London, more deaths from sepsis are being reported. However, when drilling down further into the data, the main reason for the increase is improved awareness of sepsis. Doctors and nurses are recognising deteriorating patients earlier and are coding sepsis cases more accurately. This has led to a rise in coding for sepsis, and a subsequent increase in known sepsis-related deaths.

Four days, more than 500 people, and a successful 2018 European Collaboration Forum!

by Cerner UK
26 March 2018
Over 500 clients and associates recently attended the annual European Collaboration Forum in London. Major themes included nursing leadership, population health and data intelligence, and the value of patient centred care.

5 of the most important medical advancements

by Claire Delplancq
5 September 2017
A selection of 5 of the most important medical advancements, some are big, some may seem small, but all help patients be healthier and to empower them to be in control of their own health.