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by Kim Henrichsen
Published on 1 March 2016

With a shared vision to improve quality, safety and make healthcare costs sustainable, Intermountain Healthcare and Cerner have been working together since 2013.

To prepare for the future of healthcare, Intermountain needed a system that was flexible and allowed them to innovate quickly and measure their successes. Cerner Millennium ® is adaptable, allowing clinicians to develop innovative workflows and processes.

Intermountain has very similar values to an NHS hospital, it operates as a non-profit organisation whose mission is to treat every person, regardless of circumstance. The organisation has a long history of driving quality in health care and has become an international leader in providing optimal care at the lowest appropriate cost. Multiple clinical programmes and related clinical governance are in place across all the clinical settings, including primary care, behavioural health, acute care and more.

The Cerner and Intermountain partnership (iCentra) was formed to deliver safer technology-enabled care and the data needed to identify continuous improvements. Cerner’s system was brought to the clinicians in order to increase accuracy and decision support - with the main objective to improve patient care and patient outcomes. Clinical transformation and leadership are considered essential, all programmes are clinician led and technology is seen as the enabler for improvement, not the driver.

Intermountain believes that care should be customised to each patient and that technology should ‘think like a clinician’. To help streamline the decision process, the technology has to identify what will come next and prompt clinicians. The data is then used to identify where there is variance and to either refine the decision logic or challenge the clinician to get closer to best practice.

Kim Henrichsen will reveal how Intermountain transformed the nursing experience using Millennium during this year's Collaboration Forum, in London. Kim Henrichsen is the vice president of clinical operations and chief nursing officer for Intermountain. Additionally, Chris Wood, MD, is the medical executive at Intermountain and will discuss the importance of clinical standardization and operating hospital chains.

Collaboration Forum 2017 DAY 2 – Nursing

by Claire Delplancq
24 March 2017
European Collaboration Forum 2017 Day 2 Highlights. The second day of #CernerCF17 was dedicated to Nursing.

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Meet us – Tim talks about his experience as a paediatric nurse

by Tim James
6 September 2016
Tim has been a paediatric nurse for 17 years and still practices in the NHS. He has worked in the Paediatric E.D, PICU, Surgical Pre-assessment, Bed Management and as a Clinical Informatics lead for an NHS Trust in the UK. He joined Cerner in March 2015 as a Clinical Consultant in the transformation team.

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Meet us – Pete talks about his experience as a pharmacist

by Pete Hughes
1 September 2016
Pete studied Pharmacy at the Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff University. He has practiced as a Pharmacist at different Trusts across the country for over 4 years. He joined Cerner in 2013 as a Delivery Consultant for Cerner’s ePMA solution

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Connecting what matters during acute stroke treatment

by Dr Leonard Fuhry
17 February 2016
Dr Leonard Fuhry, Senior Physician in the Neurological Department at Klinikum Ingolstadt, discusses how his organisation is improving stroke patient outcomes by integrating and connecting vital patient data across 15 hospitals in rural Bavaria.

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