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by Claire Delplancq
Published on 3 October 2017

Claire graduated with a Master’s degree in Management and major in Communications from L’Ecole Superieur des Sciences Commerciales d’Angers. She started working at Cerner in 2011, as a young graduate in the Delivery Consultant role. She is now the Senior Communications Partner for Cerner UK, Ireland and France.

My role at Cerner is to tell other people’s story - our associates’, our clients’, our company. It is not often that I have to tell my story. This is something new to me, but I do believe that sharing experiences can help others feel less lonely when going through the same challenges life throws at us.

Cerner believes that patients should be at the centre of everything. At some point, we will all know someone who needs health car, or we may even be patients ourselves. I am very lucky to work for a company that supports those values and truly believes that the wellbeing of people is the most important thing. A happy and healthy person will be more engaged and will do a better job. This is why my colleagues have been the greatest support one could have whenever dealing with a health issue. People at Cerner understands that you can have a bad day, but also that sometime it is a lot more serious and you may need time off to take care of your physical or mental health.

Back in 2012, I was diagnosed with a 6 centimetre wide tumor on my left ovary. It was a scary time for me. The doctors had never seen such a type of growth before, and the big nasty ‘C’ was mentioned a few times. I was living abroad and had never been a patient in the UK before. However, with the support of my family, friends and colleagues, I was able to focus on my health. This support has been even more helpful recently, when I started to develop regular lumps in my breasts.A poster child for young Women’s Health issues one could say!

So, today I am telling you my patient story. Meet me, Claire, French living in London, a Cerner associate and a regular patient at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

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