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by Safinaz Carrim
Published on 6 March 2018

Safinaz has an Accountancy qualification, and has worked in different finance roles in her career. She started working for Cerner in 2016 as financial specialist for UK and Ireland. 

I am a strong believer that sharing my story and knowledge with people who are going through the same situation is helpful. I have therefore decided to share my weight loss story with my fellow associates, friends, family and anyone who may find it useful and inspirational.

From an early age, I had always been overweight. Growing up and into my adulthood, I fell into depression, and my only source of happiness was comfort eating.

I tried endless diets. I was good for a few days, then became bored and went back to my old ways. I wasn’t consistent, and made every excuse for why I couldn’t lose weight. I even diagnosed myself with having an underactive thyroid, and convinced myself I was big-boned so it was OK for me to be big. These were just excuses, I was in denial. Deep down I knew the truth, but I didn’t want to admit it.

The turning point came out of nowhere, I still remember that morning of 12 January 2011. It was like I was hearing voices in my head saying, “that’s it, no more being overweight, no more being the big girl, no more UK size 20, it’s time to do something”.

That evening after work, I plucked up the courage to go to my local slimming club, it was the most daunting experience I have ever experienced, but I just kept on saying to myself, “I can do this!” It felt good to be around people who were in the same situation as I felt. I wasn’t suffering alone any more.
From that moment, I convinced myself there was no turning back - I WILL do this!

I stuck to the plan 100 percent and was dumbfounded to find in my first week I had lost nearly 2 kilos. From then on, the weight just dropped off as time passed. I could finally see that light at the end of the tunnel.


I feel so honoured to be able to work for a company that encourages us to be fit and healthy. Cerner offers all associates free yoga classes, for instance, which I regularly attend. We also have health benefits which helps us stay fit, healthy, and improve our overall wellbeing.

My motivation to keep fit, and stay slim is the inspiration I have given to my friends and family. The support and feedback I receive keeps me going too. I enjoy sharing my story, and using my knowledge to help others to achieve what I have done.

This journey has made me believe in myself, but has also taught me that if you put your mind to something, with determination, perseverance and commitment, you can achieve your goals and be successful.

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