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Published on 3 December 2020

To all Cerner UK clients, NHS colleagues, partners, and our broader health and care community:

Yesterday, the UK government accepted the MHRA’s recommendation to approve Pfizer/BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine for use – this announcement represents a ray of light that suggests a post-pandemic future may now be in sight.

It’s been nearly nine months since the first lockdown was announced across the country. This year has been a time of tremendous pressure and loss – the size of the challenges that our communities have been faced with throughout 2020 has far outsized that of any crisis we could have ever imagined or prepared for.

We at Cerner consider ourselves extremely lucky to partner with so many NHS organisations across the country, and we have been privileged to witness, support and co-develop some of the ground-breaking initiatives that have been implemented to respond to COVID-19.

As the hope for a vaccine starts to become a reality, we would like to reassure our clients that Cerner is here to continually provide you with the support needed to ensure the success of the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccination programme.

The increasing challenge of health inequalities

The pandemic further opened our eyes to the ever-worsening challenge of health inequalities. As a result of our COVID-19 work with clients, we now have greater insights that can help us protect the clinically at-risk as well as those who are in a social position that puts them at risk of experiencing the worst outcomes.  

This intelligence, gathered through equity audit tools within our population health platform, coupled with our developments in artificial intelligence,  is proving particularly valuable in targeting vaccination communications and campaigns, and helping drive vaccine uptake within communities that have been historically underserved.

Information available at the point of care

Making information readily available at the point of care has also proved to be fundamental in helping health and care professionals cope with the demand from COVID-19. It has saved significant time in gathering data from multiple sources and provided them with a holistic view of an individual’s journey through the system.

This capability to access up-to-date patient information in real time is supported by our Health Information Exchange (HIE) technology, which enables record sharing initiatives across the country and has been recently updated to share and show the vaccination status across the connected health network.

Additionally, we continue to provide virtual collaboration spaces, like our Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These meetings allow Cerner clients and our expert associates to come together and collaborate by sharing feedback and experiences to drive continuous improvement of our products and service delivery.

We have great confidence in the capabilities of our tools and our teams to provide game-changing support to your local health system as the UK gets ready to enter the next stage of the pandemic.

I’d like to round this note up by sending, once again, a heartfelt thank you on behalf of all of Cerner’s UK associates to you and your teams up and down the country. Thank you for everything you all continue to do, day in and day out, to care for and keep us and our families safe during these difficult times. 

We are forever grateful to every single one of you and your commitment to our communities and our incredible NHS. 

Thank you, and stay safe.

Kind regards,

Distie Profit
Managing director, Cerner UK

If you are interested to learn more about our mass vaccination tools or would like to attend a particular SIG, please speak to your Cerner relationship owner, visit our COVID-19 site, or contact us. Follow us on Twitter to be the first to find out about Cerner news, events, and client achievements.