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Lafayette General Health

Lafayette General Health saves 65 seconds per patient visit using adoption coaches, data analytics

Physicians at Lafayette General Health’s (LGH) 41 ambulatory clinics saved an average of 65 seconds per patient by leveraging Cerner’s adoption coaches and data analytics. That extra time allows providers to see more patients a day, giving the communities across central Louisiana easier access to care. With this new level of efficiency, LGH has an opportunity for an additional $10 million in annual revenue.

“We started with understanding there was a problem. Some of our physicians were utilizing the system from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and they had never worked that way before,” said LGH Senior Vice President Al Patin. “So we partnered with Cerner and brought in key coaches through an optimization project.”

Starting in November 2015, ten Cerner adoption coaches spent six weeks visiting providers individually in their clinics. The coaches showed each physician how to review and update the chart with the Workflow mPage, use Dynamic Documentation, auto text, Dragon, quick orders and several other ways to improve efficiency.

“My coach was hugely helpful,” said Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Farha Khan. “He would stand literally right behind me quite unobtrusively. When I turned around and looked at him, he knew that meant I was struggling, so he’d step forward and gently navigate me where I needed to be.”

Using tools like Cerner Advance and LightsOn Analytics, the coaches showed each physician how much time he or she was spending in each part of the electronic health record. These analytics enabled providers to pinpoint where in the process they were struggling.

With that guidance, physicians made the necessary adjustments and improved their performance.

“[My coach] pulled up the month of February, the month of January, and showed me exactly how many med recs had I completed, how much time I had spent in which chart,” said Khan. “He showed me how was I comparing to local physicians, physicians in urgent care, and nationwide. All those graphs and charts are really helpful.”

Dr. Tyler Perrin-Bellelo is an internal medicine physician and says the adoption coaches and analytics tools have helped her spend more time with her patients and less time documenting after hours.

“Having someone come in and check on me and see how we’re doing has improved my efficiency,” said Perrin-Bellelo. “There’s no more documenting later. I’m able to leave here every day at 5 p.m. and at noon on Fridays.”

While the optimization project resulted in time back to physicians and a potential revenue boost, LGH considers the biggest benefit to be the impact this will have on its community.

“Our physicians can now see more patients a day; that’s access to care,” said Patin. “Extrapolate that over a year and that is a significant impact on our population.”

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