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Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust

Saving time for mum, royal united hospitals bath nhs foundation trust saves time with powerchart saving

Saving the equivalent of one full-time employee may not sound like much, but at Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust it’s giving midwives their sense of identity back.

“They feel like midwives again. They don’t feel like clerics with a pen and a book,” said Kate Hicken, change analyst. The health system, based in Bath, UK, implemented PowerChart Maternity in 2014. The solution has helped midwives nearly halve the time it takes to complete bookings. The additional time allows midwives to build greater rapport with mothers-to-be and gain a greater sense of the patient’s overall wellbeing.

“That’s priceless. It really is,” said Hicken.

The project was made possible after last-minute funding became available through the UK Government’s national contract. The contract had one stiff requirement: the project needed to be complete by the end of the year.

“Maternity was implemented within 12 weeks – that was a very quick process,” said Chris Ruddick, systems development manager. Typically, a PowerChart Maternity implementation would take a minimum of 24 weeks.

“The reason that we were so trusting around doing a very quick install of Maternity was that we’ve always had very good, close collaboration with Cerner,” Ruddick continued.

To help meet the tight timeline, RUH decided to take standard design recommendations with as few tweaks as possible and developed a small, committed and skilled team to simplify project management.

The final solution also needed to be customized to allow Bath NHS Trust to move to the Minimum Data Maternity Set – enabling them to shadow reporting against payment by result. Each location needed specific workflows tuned by the project team to ensure the right data was effectively and efficiently collected.

“Payment by result is so fundamentally based upon the accuracy of your reporting and your ability to show your work,” said Hicken.

With the solution now in place, the trust is documenting time saved, seeing long-time patients receive more unified care and day-old patients starting off with a fresh health record anyone across the trust can access.

“We’re able to provide much better care and much better holistic care,” said Hicken. “We’re empowering our patients during their pregnancy and their future journey into adulthood. It’s a very, very important time and we’re really pleased with the way we stepped up our care.”

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