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Industry perspectives

Insightful long reads from global health and care leaders


Healthcare is too important to stay the same, so be inspired by these industry thought pieces to come up with new theories and practices, and collaborate with others to build a seamless and connected world where everyone thrives.

Population health, primary care networks and personalisation: Using data to transform care and improve health outcomes
Ryan Irwin | 9/16/2020
The need for a sharpened focus on population health has increased following the global onset of COVID-19. As well as the human impact of loss, the pandemic has surfaced the inequalities existent in society, specifically the difference in health outcomes that exist across populations.
Capacity management and patient throughput: patient-centred
Durenda Juergensen | 11/29/2019
The purpose of this whitepaper is to describe patient throughput, appreciate the research that has been conducted to date, understand what Cerner is doing to help clients, and identify other methods to help organisations with patient throughput.
Population health management
Factors to help successfully manage high-risk populations
Dr Bharat Sutariya | 8/5/2019
With one in twenty people qualifying as high-risk, and one in five part of the rising risk population, targeting and supporting these populations to reduce their risk is an essential component of population health.
Collaborating for paediatric excellence
Cerner | 8/5/2019
Cerner and our partners are committed to clinical excellence and improving the health and wellbeing of children and their families around the world. Our services and solutions are designed to meet the challenges inherent in children’s care at present and into the future.
ePMA - a core component of safe, high quality care
ePMA - a core component of safe, high quality care
Cerner | 7/29/2019
The Cerner Millennium electronic health record platform enables seamless ePMA functionality that crosses all venues of care and provides clinicians with more streamlined medicine management workflows.