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Industry perspectives

Insightful long reads from global health and care leaders

Healthcare is too important to stay the same, so be inspired by these industry thought pieces to come up with new theories and practices, and collaborate with others to build a seamless and connected world where everyone thrives.

Engaging and involving people in their care through portals
Justine Patterson | 8/15/2022
The health and care system in England is unsustainable if it continues to operate as it does today. Increasing demand for care will continue to outweigh the capacity of funding, staff and services available.
A person-centred, digital-first approach to recovery
Patricia Wynn | 6/1/2022
Ensuring that patient pathways are digitally enabled and person centred is critical to tackling the elective backlog, writes Patricia Wynn.
Medical professional in discussion with patient
Healthy Wirral Partners: Primary care networks - digitally enhanced structured medication reviews
Cerner | 9/27/2021
Optimising medicine reviews as part of a wider population health management approach.
Using data science to support people with learning disabilities
Dr Paula Cowan | 9/22/2021
In preparation for winter 2020 – and in the midst of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic – Healthy Wirral Partners used data science to identify the risk factors contributing to admission from seasonal flu.
The importance of standards and the interoperability journey
Andrea Dantas, Tim James | 7/21/2021
A citizen’s journey across the health and social care system is made up of a multitude of intricate steps and interactions, with a wealth of data to understand and interpret.
Using joined-up data to enhance prescribing practice for population health management
Ryan Irwin | 6/17/2021
Integrated care systems have a key focus on improving population health outcomes and reducing health inequalities between different groups within their local area.
Relieving health inequity in elective care access after the pandemic
Andrew Moran | 6/9/2021
It’s clear that coronavirus affects people disproportionately – those who live in more deprived areas, and those from BAME backgrounds have been unduly affected. The reasons for variation in COVID prevalence are not new; the inequalities existed well before COVID and will persist long afterwards.
A look into HIE adoption: the future of record-sharing initiatives is bright, IF we learn from past experiences
Cerner | 12/21/2020
The last few months have seen an increase in the acceleration of record-sharing initiatives across England, with some areas getting particular traction – But, what can be learnt from the fantastic work that has been done so far in these regions? What story are the usage stats telling us? and, do adoption figures really tell the full story or are there additional factors that must be considered?
Population health, primary care networks and personalisation: Using data to transform care and improve health outcomes
Ryan Irwin | 9/16/2020
The need for a sharpened focus on population health has increased following the global onset of COVID-19. As well as the human impact of loss, the pandemic has surfaced the inequalities existent in society, specifically the difference in health outcomes that exist across populations.
Capacity management and patient throughput: patient-centred
Cerner | 11/29/2019
The purpose of this whitepaper is to describe patient throughput, appreciate the research that has been conducted to date, understand what Cerner is doing to help clients, and identify other methods to help organisations with patient throughput.
Population health management
Factors to help successfully manage high-risk populations
Dr Bharat Sutariya | 8/5/2019
With one in twenty people qualifying as high-risk, and one in five part of the rising risk population, targeting and supporting these populations to reduce their risk is an essential component of population health.
Collaborating for paediatric excellence
Cerner | 8/5/2019
Cerner and our partners are committed to clinical excellence and improving the health and wellbeing of children and their families around the world. Our services and solutions are designed to meet the challenges inherent in children’s care at present and into the future.