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The challenge: Too much data, not enough insight

The healthcare industry generates nearly one-third of the world’s data.1 However, more data doesn’t necessarily equate to more insight. Organizations have the enormous task of corralling the sheer volume and tackling manageability of data before it can be transformed into useable, actionable information.

1RBC Capital Markets | The healthcare data explosion (

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The solution: Unleash the true power of your health and care data

You can realise the value of the data you’ve collected – and are yet to collect – by helping executives, clinicians, analysts, and staff spend less time hunting and preparing data, and more time acting on it.

We empower you to bring data from disparate health and care sources together in near real time. We do the heavy lifting to standardise and normalise that data to make it fit for analytics purposes.

Armed with interactive visual analytics tools, your analytic teams can go beyond bars and graphs to showcase action-inspiring insights through data storytelling. Our self-serve dashboards enable even non-technical users to quickly query data and generate insights that may be meaningful to them.

Most importantly, we can enable you to get your data out as well. We support a number of APIs to enable data sharing and our solutions are designed to push insights into business and clinical workflows.


All your data. One relationship. Numerous use cases.

Acute operational performance dashboards

Cultivate a data-centric culture by putting appropriate acute data across your provider collaborative in the hands of your clinical, financial, and operational users with Cerner Unified Analytics and Reporting.*

Client access required to view

*Reports and dashboards not yet available for all areas. New content targeted to be released on a regular basis.

Integrated care and system performance dashboards

Jump-start your integrated care system strategies with ready-to-use content, dashboards, and reports to assess population need, provider performance, and value-based care with HealtheAnalyticsSM.

Population health and inequalities dashboards

Use the linked longitudinal record to understand your population across the health and care system – from system to person. Leverage the insight directly into workflow applications such as HealtheRegistriesSM to measure care variation and inequalities, and support teams with the tools to make a difference.

Self-service analytic and visualisation tools

Unleash the power of your data by creating dashboards that simultaneously pull from multiple data sources so your analysts can do what they do best – analyse data with HealtheEDWSM.

The Oracle Cerner difference

While health and care are complex, your data doesn’t have to be. At Oracle Cerner, we know health and care data and we’ve spent decades transforming clinical, operational, and financial workflows with insight. Together, we can help deliver on the promise of data by converting it into a strategic asset that can impact clinical and business mindsets and behaviour.

Whether your goal is improving population health, decreasing bias and inequalities, or managing outcomes and performance, we can support you. Our tools and experience will help ensure healthcare analytics and data storytelling drive your decision-making and transformation – from system to person.

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