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Critical care

Streamlining the ICU

Collaboration is essential in critical care. The volume of information can be staggering in this setting, and its value can only be realised when trusted systems bring data together to inform timely care across the complex setting. Our solutions unify this data from admission to discharge, ensuring the seamless orchestration that critical care demands in order to achieve optimal outcomes for the sickest patients.

Improving patient outcomes

Our solutions allow you to objectively evaluate the quality of care delivered in an ICU setting. These solutions provide access to one of the largest outcomes databases in the world, containing over half a million contemporary admissions, with the greatest depth of benchmarking capabilities for you to measure and improve your patients’ outcomes.

Supporting critical care workflows

Our critical care solutions provide a centralised location in the patient’s chart for you to access activities, view patient data, document findings, update orders and receive important notifications, such as new orders and results. You also can view vital signs, IV titrations, fluid balance and medication summary through intuitive and customisable physician templates.

Increasing patient safety

By using our critical care solutions, clinical decision making is supported by providing you with the information you need to understand the context of the patient’s condition with near real-time trends. This avoids the possibility of missing or illegible data, meaning that the chances of errors are diminished and the patient experience will be a more straightforward one.

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